Aihua English is a leading Children’s Training Centre based in Beijing, specialising in Teaching English to Children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.

Classes run after school hours; late afternoons and early evenings on weekdays, and all day on weekends, supplementing the learning activities that the children will have during regular school hours.

Teachers work with small class sizes in modern classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards and teaching resources.

All Teachers also have the support of a Chinese Teaching Assistant to assist with classroom management and feedback to parents.

Chinese students



  • Highly Competitive Monthly Salary
  • RMB8000 flight reimbursement
  • Training bonus paid on completion of introductory training
  • Holiday bonus paid half way through contract
  • Good standard of apartment provided
  • RMB10000 contract completion bonus
  • Insurance provided
  • Mandarin lessons



The vast majority of Aihua classes have a maximum of eight students. Teachers follow a set curriculum, with a well defined speed of teaching. Every classroom contains a conventional white board, an interactive white board, a computer and speakers. Their foreign teachers work together with local teachers, but the foreign teacher is responsible for leading the class.

Teaching at Aihua

Training at Aihua



Aihua English has several full time foreign training managers running all of the school’s foreign teacher training programs.

The school offers all of its new foreign teachers an 8-10 day introductory training which will introduce the teachers to all aspects of Aihua teaching.

Foreign teachers can also receive ongoing term time training which is a 6-8 week training program that teachers attend during their first term at the school.

Regular observations and one-to-ones will take place for foreign teachers with the schools training managers to help the teachers and to offer support.



Teachers are entitled to 2 weeks of holiday time, and may be able to negotiate additional holiday during quieter times of the year. This must be applied for and taken at the discretion of the school between the school’s two long semesters. You will also have days off on Chinese public holidays (11 days at present) These holidays are:

New Year – 1 day
Tomb Sweeping Day – 1 day
May Day – 1 day
Mid-Autumn Festival – 1 day
National Day – 3 days
Dragon Boat Day – 1 day
Chinese New Year – 3 days

Social events


All of Aihua’s learning centres arrange monthly social activities for foreign teachers to get to know each other. These can range from dinners, Go-Kart trips, hiking, visits to the cinema and beer tasting. The best part is these activities are organised with the help of foreign teachers so requests are always welcome.

In addition, there are several larger social events throughout the year, including seasonal events such as Christmas Dinner and Spring Festival Dinner.

Teaching at Aihua English

Career Progression at Aihua

A look inside an Aihua Apartment:

Dominic's Experience Teaching at Aihua

Discover Beijing


Aihua is located in Beijing, the capital of China. Beijing has one of the largest subway systems, making it so easy to get out and explore the city.

There is an abundance of things to do in around Beijing; numerous theatres, restaurants, cultural quarters, parks, and golf courses.

Check out the school’s Facebook page: Aihua Facebook

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