China is home to a wide variety of fantastic entertainment options. Entertainment options vary dramatically from one location to another – what’s available in a major city will certainly not be matched by what’s available in a small town.

Despite this, each and every part of China has its own great entertainment options!

Huge Chinese restaurant feasts. Order lots of dishes and enjoy a long leisurely meal!

KTV with friends. A very Chinese favourite where karaoke takes centre stage in a privately hired room.

Expat Bars and Nightclubs. A great way to meet fellow expats and Chinese people with good English

Join a local sports team. Basketball, football, table tennis, running – most cities have local teams and expat teams.

Massages and Spas. The best way to relax, and much much cheaper than at home.

Bungee Jumping.  China’s highest jump is in Fuzhou and the world’s highest jump is in Macao.. be afraid!

Study Chinese. The language of the future – why not arrange a language swap with one of your new Chinese friends or colleagues? Language lessons can be arranged very cheaply with a local teacher.

Movies – a mix of international blockbusters and domestic Chinese films,

Theme Parks – Some of the major cities have theme parks with massive rollercoasters and other attractions.

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