Teach Dance in China

Teach Ballet or Latin dance in two in the home of the Giant Pandas, Chengdu or the tropical paradise of Nanning! Find out more

Benefits of Working in a Public School

Teach in a Public School

Impact the lives of hundreds of children and engage in the authentic China teaching experience


Teaching Jobs in China

No matter your background or experience, we’re here to help you find your perfect teaching job – roles are available in schools across China

Claudia immersion 3

Immersion and Study Program

Short and long term opportunities to live with and tutor a Chinese family, while learning Mandarin

The Application Process

Here to support you throughout the application process, pre-departure, and beyond


After submitting an application form, you’ll receive an interview invitation from us within 3 working days. If successful at interview, a Coordinator will work with you closely to find a school and role which is an ideal fit based on your preferences. You will then start to speak directly with schools, and once you’ve found your perfect match will sign an employment contract.

Your Coordinator will then guide you through the document authentication process, work visa application, and will advise you on everything you need to know before you depart to Teach in China.

Check out Opportunity China’s thorough Pre-Departure Guide to ensure you’re fully prepared before heading to China!

Regardless of where you are in the world, Opportunity China are here every step of the way, contactable via email, we chat, skype and telephone.

Eligibility Requirements

Assessing your eligibility to teach in China is easy. If you have a Bachelor’s degree from a native-English-speaking country, and no form of criminal record, Opportunity China welcome your application.

Once offered a role by an employer school, you will also need a minimum 120 hour TEFL certificate*, or a reference letter demonstrating 2 years of professional or teaching experience after graduating from your bachelor’s degree.

These are the basic requirements set by the Chinese government to obtain a work ‘Z’ visa.

Of course, we look for teachers with engaging and friendly personalities, those who exhibit skills in resilience and flexibility as well as excellent communication and presentation skills, and cross-cultural understanding.

*You can start your TEFL Qualification after applying to Opportunity China.

Teach China Graduate Program – Summer/Autumn Intake

Ambitious? Globally focused? Excellent communication skills? Kick-start your career with this challenging and fulfilling experience of a lifetime.

Our Graduate Program facilitates teaching roles in China for dynamic graduates, combining a paid role with skills training. On completion, you will have gained an exceptional insight into this fascinating country, have enhanced your future employability, and built an excellent foundation on which to hone a rewarding career.

A Day in the Life of an English Teacher in China

Who Are Opportunity China?

Opportunity China is a gateway for English teachers, university lecturers, and students to find exciting, enriching teaching and study opportunities in China.

Working only with trusted partner schools and education institutions, we’re here to offer personalised advice and resources throughout the process, whether you’re an experienced teaching professional, a first time teacher or are taking a gap year.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service to all candidates, right from their initial application through to beginning their dream opportunity in China. Learn more

Connect with Current Teachers in China

Opportunity China encourage teachers to learn about the experiences of others teaching in China. As part of the application and school-matching process, we will always introduce you to a current teacher at the school you choose to work for, and will connect you to other teachers working in the same city as you.

Read more about the experiences of just a few current and former Opportunity China teachers.

  • Foshan is a really nice safe city. You get to eat out all the time and it’s such a social environment. It’s great if you’re someone who wants to say yes to everything!

    Jenny Hoper, Foshan 2017
  • Definitely come with an open mind! I’ve really enjoyed being around the kids. Hearing them shout “Teacher Hannah” never gets old!

    Hannah Garbett, Nanhai 2017
  • The Teacher training at my school is very impressive. It was simple but effective, fun and interesting! My first few lessons made me realise I could teach, even having had no experience beforehand. There’s always something to do in Beijing, and there’s always something you ‘want’ to do in Beijing!

    Dominic De Couto, Beijing 2017
  • Arriving in China is an interesting experience, but luckily there’s a great team to help you move in and get settled! Things happen very quickly but everything is done with a smile and the people will help you out if you need it. I’m absolutely loving it!

    Emily Beckwith, Shenzhen 2017
  • Our feedback is glowing about Opportunity China. Can’t fault it. The fact that we’re dealing with native English speakers, and we can communicate freely and frankly is great. All candidates that I talk to have very positive experiences with Opportunity China – unlike many other recruitment services. Very happy.

    EF Education Centre Manager, Shenyang

"Our school has a community of over 100 ex-pat teachers who meet every week socially. I also have many Chinese friends who work at the school as teaching assistants." by Emma Power
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"I have been here for nearly 3 months now and I've had the best experience in China so far." by Ami Raistrick
Read more
"I think that Opportunity China provided outstanding support both before, and after I arrived here. They really went above and beyond and I will do anything I can to repay their generosity and show my gratitude. " by Lewis Duffield
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"I had no preconceptions of what to expect before moving to China and starting my new teaching job, as I hadn’t had much or any experience of either. I was surprised how easy it is to adapt on a basic level to new surroundings and situations. " by Charlie Roberts
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"It is amazing to immerse yourself into another culture. Meeting other expats from around the world who have all come together for a similar reason makes me feel more connected to them. Trying new foods and traveling around Asia are so fun! I have also discovered my passion for learning Chinese.

" by Auriana Roberts
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