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February 22, 2017

by: Stephanie

8 benefits of teaching in China from our teachers

What better way to learn more about the benefits of teaching in China than straight from the people that have lived it! Here, we’ve collated some of the most useful quotes directly from our teachers to help potential candidates looking to make that same leap:

1. It’s easier than you’d think to get started!

“At first I was concerned about the application processes taking a very long time and being unduly intrusive, but actually it was quite simple. The school in China were very helpful telling me the documents I needed to send them (copy of my Degree Certificate, Criminal Record Check and copy of my TEFL Certificate) and all the paperwork was sorted with the Z Visa in my passport within weeks of starting my initial application.”

Will Perrins, Shenyang – Read Will’s experience here!

benefits of teaching in China2. China is a very affordable place to live!

“So far, most of my money has gone on travelling and food, but if I wanted, I could easily save 2/3rds of my wages, and I plan on doing so in a few months.”

Josh Oakley, Hangzhou 2017 – Read Josh’s experience here!

benefits of teaching in China3. China is a vast country with a so much to see!

“After 5 and a half years of living and traveling in China I have seen so many diverse and beautiful places. I’m still excited to explore the Northwest, Yunnan and Tibet but I hope to in the near future! I have always traveled by train and love it! Even those 25 hour trips across the country.”

Art Benoit, Ningbo – Read Art’s experience here!

4. You can make a measurable difference!

“I had expected the children to be very well disciplined here, pertaining to the stereotypes which are very true. Students here are so lovely and it is very easy to create friendships and impart knowledge to them”

Patricia Coogan, Chengdu – Read Patricia’s experience here!

benefits of teaching in China5. You will develop great transferable skills!

“Be prepared to be flexible, honest and friendly and Chinese people will welcome you with open arms. Also try as much as you can with the language even if you feel silly, they will really appreciate it.”

Alice Benson, Chengdu 2016 – Read Alice’s experience here!

Living in China
6. Learning about a new culture!

“Our favourite thing about China so far is the general excitement of day to day life. The experiences and challenges we face have opened our eyes to a completely new culture and way of life.”

Louise Jaye, Fuzhou 2016 – Read Louise’s experience here!

7. The food!

“Dim-Sum is without a shadow of doubt my favourite food in China! I am a vegetarian, and I will admit that it can be a challenge always finding food but everywhere you go you can find a BBQ stand that has cabbage and onions on the go and it’s cheap and tasty.”

Daisy Guy, Foshan 2015 (A vegetarian take on food in China) Read Daisy’s experience here!

8. The friends you’ll make!

“I play on a 5-a-side football team with other foreign colleagues and Chinese locals. The bar and club scene is developing but newly opened bars have sprung up, which are a great way to meet new people”

Andrew Ferguson, 2016 Chongqing – Read Andrew’s experience here!

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