Ben Clark

My first thought when I found out that I was moving to China was “what the hell am I doing” but it is a decision that I have not regretted at all. From the moment I have arrived it has been an unbelievable adventure and one which I will never forget.

My highlights(from the 6 months of being here) are visiting the many attractions that only China could offer such as the giant Buddha in Leshan, the national animal of China being the giant panda and of course Beijing. But also I have had the opportunity to experience Chinese culture by being invited to have dinner with my Chinese friend’s family, playing mahjong and being a best man at a Chinese wedding. But the biggest highlight has been teaching. It still fills me with great emotion every day when I go to work and I am constantly bombarded with “hello Ben” from the vast number of children who I see. I will never get bored of it.

I find the living costs in China are far more cheaper than that of England and I am managing to save around £400-£500 per month whilst still enjoying a hectic social life. Also I still haven’t cooked in my apartment once in 6 months as it is so cheap to eat out at the local noodle shop or restaurant.

All in all its been amazing and something which I will look back on with great pride.

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