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i2 International Institute of Education opened its first formal campus in 2006 with the hope of offering students and teachers alike a unique environment for the pursuit of academic success.

Since its founding, i² has expanded to 21 campuses throughout Chengdu and 35 campuses outside of Chengdu, with more than 300 foreign teachers. i² provides quality education for thousands of students, and has a thriving arts and music department.

Tailor-Made Classrooms


i² International Institute of Education use a small class format – just a maximum student number of 4 per classroom, and a vast majority of classes having only 1 or 2 students – i² International Institute of Education tailor-makes each course to their desired specifications so each is unique.

However, teachers are free and encouraged to add their own personal flavour to their tuition to ensure each class is interesting, exciting and educational for the students.



  • RMB11500 monthly salary
  • RMB1800 accommodation allowance
  • RMB6000 flight allowance, paid after 6 months
  • RMB9000 end of contract bonus
  • 2 weeks of annual leave, all public holidays off work

i2 International Institute of Educations is located in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province. A fascinating city that attracts masses of tourists with their giant panda research reserve as well as their love for good food.

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