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NHIK is one of the best International Kindergartens in Guangdong province with 28 foreign teachers and over 500 students. The kindergarten offers a fantastic environment for teachers and students. It is located in Foshan, with easy access to Guangzhou and Hong Kong.



Class sizes are small and the students’ level of English is very good. You’ll find that you will quickly be able to have a conversation in your lessons and thus making this Kindergarten a really rewarding place to work.



Nanhai International Kindergarten has a large foreign teacher team, making for a fun and supportive work place. Teachers have Saturday and Sunday as fixed days off and will be expected to work around 32 hours per week from Monday to Friday, with some office hours in afternoons. The school also offers free breakfast, lunch and dinner while at work – a bonus!

Competitive Package


You’ll be offered a good starting salary package of RMB10000 per month, rising to up to RMB12500 once the 2 month probation period is complere. The bonus upon completion of a year contract is RMB8000. The salary is reviewed on an annual basis.

Salary Package:

  • RMB10000 per month, rising to up to RMB12500
  • Accommodation allowance incorporated into salary – the school will arrange a nice modern shared teacher apartment for RMB1000 per month
  • RMB4000 reimbursement towards visa and document authentication costs
  • Meals provided while on duty
  • Insurance provided
  • Paid holidays and public holidays
  • Annual fully paid for teacher training trip: within China for teachers in their first year at NHIK, further afield (think Thailand!) for teachers in their second year and beyond
  • End of contract bonus as a flight reimbursement



It’s possible to get a very nice one bedroom modern apartment for RMB2000 located close to the kindergarten, or the school can arrange a room in one of their shared (2-3 bedroom) teacher apartments for around RMB1000 per month. Nanhai is a cheap place to live; it’s also close to Guangzhou and Guangfo metro line which it an ideal place for commuting to Guangzhou. The nearest Metro is Nangui lu (Guangfo line).

Your Duties


  1. Report to the Head Teacher and the Principal.
  2. Attend weekly staff meetings.
  3. Cooperate with your co-teacher as a member of a team.
  4. Prepare the classroom decorations with displays and student artwork.
  5. Teach the curriculum provided by the Company’s International Department.
  6. Prepare all lesson materials with your co-teacher one week in advance.
  7. Greet and speak with parents, daily, at drop off time and at pick up time.
  8. Ensure the well being and safety of all children in your care.
  9. Teach lessons according to the plans provided by the International Department.
  10. Prepare for special kindergarten activities during working hours.
teach in China

Nanhai International Kindergarten is located in Foshan. Foshan has a welcoming ex-pat community, There’s a multitude of cosy cafes, bars and restaurants for teachers to enjoy with new friends – boasting cuisines ranging from traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, and European cuisines to an Irish pub!

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