OWEN Education is a pioneering English Language Training Centre based predominantly in Chongqing, with additional campuses in Chengdu and Kunming.

Classes at OWEN run after school hours and on weekends, and are held in small class sizes for students aged 3-18 years old.

Teachers at OWEN have assistance from Chinese Teaching Assistants who are present to offer support in classroom management and translation for reports to parents.

OWEN strongly encourage development and career progression among their teachers, Foreign Teachers move into areas including; media production, research and development, and management roles within the company.

The Role


Teachers at OWEN are generally expected to work 5 days per week (3 week days and Saturday and Sunday)

Teachers at OWEN are expected to complete 40 office hours per week

Teachers at OWEN will teach a maximum of 80 hours each month, with bonus incentives for any extra class time



  • RMB10000 Monthly Salary
  • Flight Reimbursement
  • High Overtime Bonuses
  • Various other Monthly Bonus Incentives
  • RMB6000 End of Contract Bonus
  • Full Accommodation Allowance



Teachers are entitled to 2 weeks of holiday time, it will be necessary to negotiate appropriate times to take this, as the Centre will be very busy during the Summer School Breaks.

Teachers at OWEN will also receive paid vacation time for the 11 Chinese public holidays.

Social Events


OWEN Employ many foreign teachers across over 50 branches, so socialising and meeting old-hand TEFL teachers, as well as fresh teachers in the same boat as you is easy. With a Western Management Team, directly responsible for teachers’ well-being, OWEN boasts some of the best coordinated Social Activities of any School in China. With Christmas and New Year Parties as well as regular outings for BBQ’s and trips to the nearby Countryside, there’s something for everyone.



OWEN have a large and experienced team of Foreign Teacher Trainers, who specialise in offering a structured and concise Period of Orientation and Training upon arrival. Training and development is on offer throughout a Teacher’s time at OWEN Education, with Western Directors of Foreign Affairs on hand to support Teachers both old and new.

A Teacher's OWEN Experience

Discover Chongqing


Perched beside the Yangtze, the “Golden River”, Chongqing symbolizes Yangtze River civilizations and is the cradle of the Bayu Culture. It’s the ideal location for those who enjoy the outdoors, with sights such as the 3 Gorges Dam and reservoir, cruises on the Yangtze, and the Dazu frescoes and statues waiting to be explored. In the evenings you’ll be able to enjoy hot pot at a riverside restaurant, head to the night food markets or drink at a variety of pubs or nightclubs.

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