SeaDragon International Education (SDE for short) is an international education provider. SeaDragon was founded in 2004, with its headquarters located in the frontier and innovative city of Shenzhen and a second location in the capital city, Beijing. Since its early establishment, SeaDragon has held a commitment to attract the most talented and diligent education professionals from overseas, and facilitate public school roles throughout Shenzhen and Beijing.

SeaDragon aim to maximise flexibility for teachers looking to work at Public Schools in China, offering Teaching Roles at a wide range of different institutions and teaching students from across many different age brackets, from Kindergarten through to High School and even some roles at University Level.

The role

At SeaDragon International Education, Teachers focus on the delivery of well-planned oral English lessons

Teachers are expected to conduct 18 x 45 minute classes per week Monday to Friday

Teachers are expected to use a variety of delivery methods to engage students, and provide a supportive environment in which they can progress with their English ability

Some subject teaching roles are available at a higher rate of pay for experienced teachers in the following subject areas: Science, Math, PE, Art and Drama.

The minimum requirement for a Teaching Role at SDE is a Bachelors Degree, 120 hour TEFL Certification and a Passport from a Native English Speaking Country


RMB 10500- 13500 salary per month for ESL Teachers, dependent on experience

RMB14000- 17000 for Junior Subject Teachers

RMB 17000- 19000 for Senior Subject Teachers

RMB3000-4000 housing allowance, (with support to find accommodation and start-up loan)

RMB5000 Flight allowance for Shenzhen roles; RMB8000 for Beijing roles

Free Chinese Lessons – one afternoon off per week to attend lessons

Benefits of Working in a Public School

Training and Orientation

SDE offer a supportive working environment, with the guidance and support of an American and British Foreign Teacher Manager.

On arrival, teachers receive orientation training and are supported to find an apartment. Regular social events are organised to socialise and network with other teachers, as well as teacher training and mentoring sessions.

Work 'Z' Visa Process


Teachers at SDE will be entitled to long half paid winter and summer School Vacations, plus 11 days of public holidays. For those wanting to explore more of China and East Asia, these public school holidays are ideal.

Benefits of Working in a Public School


SDE Employ hundreds of Foreign Teachers from, the UK, US, Australia and more across 2 multi-cultural cities, Shenzhen and Beijing. Large welcome events are hosted for August and February arrivals, and ongoing events and trips are laid on throughout the year. SDE boasts one of the strongest and largest expat communities and a great option for those concerned about isolation.

A Teacher's SDE Experience

Discover Shenzhen and Beijing

Shenzhen and Beijing are two of China’s largest, most vibrant and youngest cities. Boasting an international feel as well as a fast paced cosmopolitan ethos, SDE’s city locations are great for those looking to experience the modern and dynamic side of China today!

Check out our City Guides today for a full run-down of cost of living and attractions in Beijing and Shenzhen.

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