Help your transition to China go off without a hitch by completing the items below

Approximately 6 weeks before expected departure:


□ School contract signed

□ Check that your passport is valid for at least six months

Required Visa paperwork collated with no criminal record check completed

Authentication for your degree certificate and criminal record check underway

□ Book an appointment with your travel nurse to arrange immunisations.

□ Tell your family and friends are aware and regularly updated on your progress

□ Prescriptions; if you have a medication prescription, inform your Doctor that you will be living in China for a year and ask them if a long term prescription is available for you to take with you. If not possible, note that most medications are available in major cities at international clinics.

□ Arrange personal international medical and travel insurance

One month before departure:


□ Read up on the city you will be living in – check out our city  guides for more information

□ Do your research; read all of our resources regarding living in China, and re-watch our pre-departure webinars

□ Inform your bank you will be living in China to avoid your card getting blocked

□ Consider arranging a credit card to be used only in case of an emergency


Two weeks before departure:


□ Give your next of kin Opportunity China’s contact details

□ Buy adaptor plugs for electrical equipment

□ Check that the Wi-Fi option on your laptop and mobile phone is functioning

□ Purchase some RMB in cash (we suggest at least £300 for the first month)

□ Scan and print all of your documents at least twice: visa, passport, flight ticket, contract, degree and English teaching qualification, insurance documents

□ Check your baggage allowance

□ Buy any small packaged food items that you could not possibly live without to take with you!

□ Visa in your Passport

□ Only book your flights once your visa has been arranged, unless you book a flexible ticket via STA Travel. Visas can sometimes be delayed, and given that some flight tickets are non-amendable or charge a high administration fee to amend any details.


Final Packing list


□ Cash

□ Clothes for all weathers, and suitable for your city of work

□ Medication

□ Origional copies of your Degree Certificate, TEFL Certificate and No Criminal Record Check

□ A folder containing multiple high quality scans/ photocopies of your passport, visa documents, qualifications, insurance details

□ Luggage locks

□ Small backpack

□ Chinese phrase book, or download a translation app

□ A small gift for your future employer

□ Photographs of your friends and family to show your pupils

□ Any items that might be useful for teaching, such as newspapers or magazines, music etc

□ An English board game; again, this may be useful for teaching

□ Camera

□ USB stick

□ Sun block

□ Any favourite cosmetics

Remember that you’ll be able to buy any items in the local Chinese supermarket that you cannot carry in your luggage, or choose not to bring.