7 cool things about Shenzhen

The are a few key reasons for going to work in China, but what’s undoubtedly true is that China today is a vast world of opportunity.

Get Ahead!

For those who want to get ahead in today’s global village, there is no substitute for international experience and direct exposure to different cultures – both professionally and socially.

China has an abundance of opportunities, as international companies try to gain a foothold. In conjunction with this, Chinese corporations are looking to break the international market, and are seeking out those with an understanding of how things are done in the west.

Boost your Career Prospects

Having international work experience is an invaluable addition to your resume, something that could help give yours the edge over the stack of other applications on the desk of the person who is between you and your dream job. Being able to say that you have survived and learned from working in China will impress! As well as refining your presentation and communication skills, you’ll develop transferable skills such as adaptability, cultural sensitivity and problem solving.

Learn Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, and some knowledge of the language will give you a competitive advantage. Immersion in a language is the best way to learn!

A Fascinating History and Culture

China is one of the world’s oldest civilised nations, dating back over 10,000 years. It has a rich cultural heritage, and at various times, a tremendously volatile political and social past. These factors have shaped the China we see today, and only by spending time in the country will you begin to understand its fascinating history.

Earn Money!

Many teachers who are paid even a conservative RMB 7000- 9000 a month with accommodation provided are able to save at least half of their salary each month, so around $690 / £450. This still allows for a very comfortable lifestyle, such as weekend trips, eating out every day, entertainment and buying souvenirs. Those who opt to travel to neighbouring countries or other parts of China during national holidays can more than afford to do so!


What can we say, the food in China is incredible! In such a geographically huge country, food is diverse in climate, ethnicity and subcultures and not surprisingly there are many distinctive styles of cuisine. Not only is it cheap, but it is delicious and a large social part of Chinese culture – and a thousand miles away from the Chinese takeout you’re used to, quite literally! You’ll find yourself sharing huge varied meals with new friends in no time at all.

Recent Graduates

The experience will look fantastic on your CV; China is the most exciting growth place for business and recruiters will really be interested in graduates who have experience in China. At a time when competition for graduate jobs is greater than ever, the ability to stand out from the crowd will really improve your chances of securing that dream job!

The Perfect Career Break

A one year teaching contract can be an ideal career break, providing a rewarding and challenging experience for a defined period of time. You’ll travel, learn new skills, save some money, and have the satisfaction of helping others.