Are you a senior/final year student or graduate with a passion for imparting enthusiasm and confidence in others? Or, a qualified teacher looking for an exciting new challenge in the world’s largest education sector?

Choosing to teach at a Public School in China gives you the chance to advance the learning experience of students in China at Primary, Middle or High Schools.

After 10-12 months, you will not only have had the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most fascinating and dynamic cultures in the world, but made a real and lasting impact on hundreds of students.

Public schools have two teacher intakes per year: the start of the Academic Year is late August/Early September, and the start of the Spring Semester is late February.

Watch a video on the Daily Life of an experienced teacher in Shenzhen, and a graduate teacher in Shenzhen.

Applications are currently open for the August/September intake.

Your Profile


Working in a public school in China requires a specific type of resilience and adaptive mind set. You’ll need to be engaging, have strong communication skills, a flexible attitude…and a sense of humour helps! We ask that applicants are able to combine a strong work ethic and self-discipline with warmth, empathy and a smile!

Applicants should hold, or be working towards, a minimum Bachelors Degree Qualification and hold a passport from a native English speaking country due to visa regulations.

We do not specify a minimum degree classification or GPA, as we believe that your rounded skills as a whole are a more suitable indicator of your suitability for the program.

Applicants should be aged 21 by mid-January 2018 for the February intake and aged 21 by mid-July 2018 for the August/September intake.

Why Apply?


  • You’ll typically teach for 18 periods a week, Monday to Friday, with office hours and school clubs on top of teaching time
  • Teachers have 11 days of public holidays off work, plus a long Spring and Summer break, so plenty of time to travel and explore
  • No requirement to be involved in student recruitment, or demo classes
  • Freedom to plan your own lessons
  • Enhance your employability; experience working in China is hugely in demand in the workplace. According to research conducted on behalf of the British Council, 79% of employers see global awareness as more important than a degree when recruiting new employees
  • China is now the world’s largest economy, and the future for business; show employers your commitment to understanding the global business environment and increase your cultural awareness
  • Learn Mandarin, a language spoken by over 900 million people and an increasingly key business language
  • For those considering a career in teaching or academia, excellent experience to support a Master’s or PGCE
  • Learn more about Vincent’s experience teaching in a public school in China.

Your Role

As an English Teacher at a public school in China you will be responsible for implementing an immersive, interactive and progressive environment for students to improve their English Language and communication skills. Encouraging participation, your role will be to nurture existing skills, improve individual communication ability and impart confidence in classes of 30-40 students.

You will be expected to hold meetings with other teachers and staff members to discuss curriculum development, but will largely be responsible for planning and implementing your own lessons, as your classes will be supplemental to students’ regular English curriculum.

Although you will working with set classes at a specific public school in China, you will be directly employed by a Government Licensed Agency, you will be responsible for reporting directly to them, keeping them up to date with your progress and treating them as a point of contact for any questions you may have.

You will have the option of working at a Primary, Middle or Public School in China.

China’s education sector is one largest and most diverse in the world. Within it are many different types of institutions, ranging from thousands of privately operated schools and learning centres, to a diverse range of Government run Public Primary, Middle and High Schools. Every public school in China has unique characteristics and areas of specialization, but generally speaking they all share a number of great common advantages for teachers!

Rewards and benefits

Participants can expect to receive the following remuneration package:

  • A £800- £1200/ $1075-$1550 monthly salary depending on location (low tax)
  • Accommodation provided, or an accommodation allowance
  • International flight reimbursement
  • Long school holidays to travel and explore China

With key living expenses covered, such as accommodation, coupled with a very low cost of living, your salary will go a very long way -think long weekends in Thailand, eating out every day, visiting local attractions on your days off, and affording taxis!

Training and Support

You will receive ongoing support and training through your employing Government Licensed Agency throughout your time on the programme. The agency will also be responsible for ensuring you are paid and providing your accommodation.

Partner agencies for the Public School Teaching Program are experienced working with both veteran teachers and those new to the world of professional education, offering flexible support and training to match different requirements.

English in Chinese Public Schools

China is a country that prides itself on academic achievement and excellence; even with a literacy rate of 99.6% among their huge youth population and consistently excellent global testing results, public schools in China are continually looking for dynamic answers to challenges presented by the existing education structure.

There are currently over 200 million English language learners in China, and among that population many are taught using a rote system of learning, concentrating on memorisation of information and preparation for intensive testing. This has posed several difficulties for English Language students in areas such as grammar and sentence structure, but most importantly in oral communication skills and confidence!

With an ever growing desire for internationalisation in China, and aspirations from China’s youth to work and study in countries such as the USA and the United Kingdom, public schools are looking to the inclusive and critical thinking based academic experience of the West to enhance the quality of education among students in their formative years.

Public School Experiences





Public School Partners

SDE International (Beijing and Shenzhen cities)

JESIE (Nanjing, Wuxi and Jiangsu Province)

Application and Selection

To apply, please complete our online application form. You can find a simple overview of the application process here.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an initial telephone or Skype interview with Opportunity China.

If you have any questions during the application process, please email: info@opportunity-china.com for an Information and Application Pack.

If you have any further questions please email info@opportunity-china.com.

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