Programme Overview

This programme provides the opportunity to really immerse yourself in Chinese culture, combining a live-in tutoring role with a course of Mandarin study. Living in Chengdu, home of the Giant Panda and delicious spicy food, you’ll get a true insight into this fascinating country, a perspective on the culture as well as valuable teaching experience.

Upon arrival you will join a 3-day orientation and training session. This will introduce you to Chinese culture and the city, before leaving to meet your host family. Monthly cultural activities are arranged providing a great chance to socialise with others in your local area.

What sort of things will you get up during your stay? – Take a look at our Immersion and Study Programme gallery. 

Immersion China
Living with a Chinese family

Your Roles and Responsibilities

You will focus developing the English language skills and cultural awareness of your host family’s child, through tutoring, conversation and play. You’ll be expected to clean your own bedroom and the child’s play area, however many families have a cook and a cleaner. You will help dress the child, and may read them a bedtime story. Ultimately, your role will be to act like a good older brother or sister!

Mandarin Study

This programme includes enrolment on a Mandarin course of your choice, at a local university. Most study timetables include 3 – 4 mornings of classes per week, with homework activities to complete during free time. The ability to speak the world’s most widely spoken language give you that competitive edge for furture job prospects.

China Temple, Fuzhou

On Arrival Orientation Training

On arrival you will be collected from the airport, and taken to a hotel where you will live for your first few days in China while undertaking your training, being introduced to your host family, and arranging your Mandarin course. The training will include matters such as cultural differences, using chopsticks, etiquette and manners, educational environment, public transportation in Chengdu, traffic rules, emergencies and contacts, typical schedules of Chinese children and their parents on week days/weekend, and engaging and teaching children.


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