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Chengdu China

With 20 million inhabitants, laid-back Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan province, and the gateway city to China’s western hinterlands. Chengdu’s most popular attraction is the giant panda breeding research reserve and home to over 200 pandas, the base focuses on getting these shy creatures to breed.

Chengdu’s Weather


Chengdu is rarely colder than 9C and the hottest days reach to around 32C. The region is wet though, and gets very humid all year around.

Going Out in Chengdu


With a growing nightlife scene, especially in the south of the city, there are bars and clubs to suit all tastes, with an expanding ex pat scene, from Belgian beer halls to Irish pubs to rock bars!

Nowadays, many bars and clubs can expect a good mix of locals and tourists, however the university areas, as expected, are bustling with students.

A great thing to know about Chengdu is that it is a very safe city at night.

Chengdu boasts an array of different bars and pubs, from large, busy establishments to smaller, quiet drinking holes with live music. There is something to suit everyone.

Must sees in Chengdu


  • Chengdu Research base of Giant Panda Breeding – Obviously top of our list is going to be Chengdu’s giant panda breeding centre. It is a non-profit research base that has created a natural habitat for giant panda’s and other rare species. Visitors can watch these adorable creatures in natural surroundings, definitely worth a day out.
  • Shufeng Sichuan Opera House – Shufeng Sichuan Opera House is located in the West of Chengdu and is the perfect place for those wanting to experience Chengdu’s culture and art scene.
  • Wu Hou Temple – Wu Hou Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Zhuge Liang, one of China’s most famous historic figures. It is situated in the Southern area of Chengdu and is home to large wooded areas, impressive architecture and peaceful surroundings.
  • People’s Park – People’s Park is an urban park located in central Chengdu. Known as the place to go to see the real ‘Chengdu’, the park is bustling with people and activities and even tree-houses!
  • Jinli Ancient Street – Jinli is one of the most well-known tourist areas in Chengdu, Jinli is an ‘ancient’ pedestrian street with vast amounts of food and souvenir vendors.
  • Wenshu Monastery – Wenshu is Western China’s largest monastery. It is a Buddhist monastery that has become a very popular tourist attraction and hosts stunning architecture and surroundings.

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Cost of Living Chengdu


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