Include a Personal Summary

This very brief first paragraph should state why you’re interested in the opportunity and highlight that you are a confident, engaging teacher who can build rapport with students.

A good personal summary should clearly state your goals and interest in becoming a great teacher.


Highlight your education and qualifications first

Clearly state your degree subject and classification. If you achieved a particularly high mark, or received any awards then state the details. If you studied at a top university then state this; your prospective employer is likely to have not heard of any other universities apart from Yale, Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge! For example:

  • 2011 – BA (Hons) English, 2:1.
    University of Exeter (Ranked in the Top 10 of UK universities)
  • Bachelor of Arts, GPA 3.6

Give details of your TEFL/ TESOL qualification (if completed) including specialist modules such as teaching young learners or business English. If you have yet to complete a TEFL qualification, note that this qualification is pending.


Outline any teaching experience, and teaching relevant skills

Although an English/ Education based degree and specific classroom experience can be preferred by a prospective employer, there are many other experiences and circumstances where you might have exhibited the skills required as a teacher.

You might like to include the following strengths and experiences if they apply to you:

  • Experience working with children
  • Coaching
  • Babysitting
  • Teaching swimming lessons, skiing or any subject or area of interest
  • Management roles as they pertain to training
  • Training or tutoring in any area or subject
  • Roles where you have used strong communication skills, and presentation skills.

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