How much you can earn teaching in China is based on 4 key factors: the city/ location of work, your teaching experience level, your qualifications, and the type of school you opt to work for.

Regardless of these factors, Opportunity China do not partner with any schools that pay less that RMB7000 per month – the majority pay upwards of RMB10,000 per month and some up to RMB22,000 per month for experienced teachers or a Director of Studies.

Private language schools or centres typically pay higher salaries than government/ public schools and universities due to the longer working hours and various performance bonuses.

All schools will also offer a good benefit package on top of your salary, which as a minimum will include an end of contract reimbursement for your return international flight, medical insurance and free accommodation or an accommodation allowance.

Some schools will also offer an end of contract bonus, paid holidays, health insurance and even free Chinese lessons and lunches!

With all of these costs covered, and low utilities bills, you’ll have a lot more of your salary in your wallet at the end of the month than you probably would at home.

Many teachers also opt to do some private tutoring, particularly those who work in public schools with less working hours. You can earn up to RMB200 per hour doing so, but ensure you double check that your contract will allow you to do any work outside of your school.

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