We’re always looking for enthusiastic teachers who would be a good match for one of our teaching or coaching jobs in China – and whether that teacher is a current university student, recent graduate, or an experienced professional, we would like to hear from you.

Opportunity China are proud to work with well- managed, supportive schools in cities across China. We’re also proud of our excellent reputation within the teaching community, and teachers we have placed regularly ask us to assist a colleague or friend in light of their great experience.

Teachers know other Teachers!

Our referral scheme allows you to earn a little extra income by helping a friend or colleague (or just someone you happened to get chatting to in an ex-pat bar!) to secure a great teaching job in China, with the knowledge that they’ll be well supported throughout the process.

How does it work?

It’s simple – for every teacher you refer to us we’ll give you RMB500, or approximately £60 / $80.
The more teachers you refer, the higher the referral fee:

  • 1-5 referrals: RMB500 per referral
  •  5- 9 referrals: RMB650 per referral
  • Over 10 referrals: RMB750 per referral

Once a teacher has been successfully placed in a job, and has been in their position for 60 days, a payment will immediately be made via Paypal.

The Process

  1. Inform your contact to review our website, www.opportunity-china.com.
  2. If they would like to work with us, please send an email to info@opportunity-china.com.
  3. Note in your email heading ‘Introduction to (insert teacher name)’ e.g. Introduction to James Smith. In this email please note the teacher’s name and email address. There is no need to send any further information at this point, however if they have any preferences it would be helpful for you to make a note of these.
  4. Alternatively, ask the teacher to note your name on their online application.
  5. Our team will then contact the teacher directly, advise the teacher to submit an online application, and will support them throughout the application process until we place them in their dream job!
  6. After 60 days of starting their position we will contact you to advise your referral has been successful, and request your details for payment.