Expertise – Cultural understanding – Due diligence – In-country support – Community 

Opportunity China is dedicated to finding professionals exciting and fulfilling roles in China. We believe passionately that the world is a better place when people seek to understand and immerse themselves in other cultures.

So why might a professional seeking to find an opportunity in China consider working with us?

  • Expertise

Opportunity China works solely with schools and educational establishments in China. We are specialists, and can provide you with the experience and knowledge required when considering opportunities in the country.

  • Cultural understanding

Our team have been helping teachers and professionals adapt to China and Chinese companies adapt to employing professional foreign staff for years.   We ensure that our partners in China, our staff, and our applicants respect each other’s cultural differences.  We ensure that our applicants speak with British and American Recruitment staff and that the cultural challenge of moving to China is minimised through working with well managed educational organisations in China.

  • Due diligence

We conduct a due diligence process with all partner organisations to ensure we work only with those that meet our high standards.  We also screen all applicants and conduct initial interviews to ensure that we only provide excellent candidates.

  • In-country support

Through Opportunity China’s Chinese HQ in Hangzhou, and our Regional Managers across China, we are able to provide in-country support. Our team includes both Western and Chinese staff to ensure that you are fully supported.  Those who have worked with Opportunity China will know that we are a friendly and helpful bunch, and that the wider Opportunity China ambassador community is there to help!

We are also proud of our ambassador scheme, which enables you to gain advice and support from others as well as a way to build your network.

  • The Opportunity China Community

The Opportunity China Community is an active and useful resource.  Even before you make your final decision on whether to accept a position we link you up to others that are already working for your potential employer so that you can discuss the opportunity with them.  The Opportunity China community actively supports all professionals to initially settle in to their new life in China and then encourages professional development with the OC Ambassador Scheme.

We are proud of what we and our Opportunity China community do, and we look forward to working with you.

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