Matthews Teaching Experience

There are many reasons you may consider teaching as a career, or as a ‘next step’. Equally, if you are already a teacher there are many reasons that you may consider teaching in China.  Here are a few…

1. You can make a real and measurable difference

A good teacher will inspire, motivate and empower their students to do the best they possibly can.  Traditionally, the Chinese education system used ‘rote’ learning (listen to what the teacher says and write it down 100 times until you remember). By teaching in China and by perhaps using a more varied approach you can open up the world to your students – not only by helping them to develop English, the world’s business language, but also by bringing other cultures and ways of life to the classroom…

2. Cultural exchange is important!

The exchanging of culture is very important as it breeds cultural understanding and mutual respect between people. Whilst you are exploring the rich and ancient Chinese culture, you are also teaching your students about how others live in other parts of the world.  Exploring other cultures is fun, but it is also much-much-much more than that! It is key to mutual respect between people and ultimately between countries. Imagine a world where we all sought to understand and respect each other’s cultures, views and ways of living…

3. Teaching is a transferable skill

Being able to impart knowledge and views to other people is not just a classroom based skill, no matter what your future career goals, being able to teach others is paramount to many jobs and careers.  Often you find that the top leaders within business and government have an understanding of how to teach and communicate to others.

4. There is a demand for good teachers

As China has grown, the appetite for education has exploded.  Good teachers of all subjects are in demand across China and to get to the point – you will be paid well to teach and meet this demand.