Welcome to Opportunity China’s events page.

Opportunity China offer an array of events including University Visits, Specialist Webinars and Online Workshops, and Pre-Departure Training Events for Teachers heading to China. Find out more about each of our events below.

Training Events


Opportunity host both Remote and In-Person Pre-Departure Training events each for Teachers heading out to China. These events are held in central locations, and accessible to Opportunity China Teachers online. Find out more about our upcoming Training Events.

Free Webinars


We have gained extensive knowledge about China and what it is like to live and work in such a diverse culture, therefore we feel it only fair to share our wisdom with eager candidates. We offer free webinars open to anybody thinking about working in China. We cover topics such as the logistics of moving to another country and making new friends in a new city. In addition we also welcome any suggestions for future webinars. Find out more.

University Events


Our experienced team travel the country during their university events, visiting different universities and sharing their knowledge of China, along with useful information on our Teach China Graduate Programme. Find out more.

university events

Are you considering a graduate programme in China? Find out more about this exciting opportunity and how to apply here.