Ambitious? Globally focused? Excellent communication skills? Kick-start your career with this challenging and fulfilling experience of a lifetime.

The 12 month Teach China Graduate Programme commences July,August and September 2017, and will combine your development as a practising teacher with personal skills training, mentoring and access to the Opportunity China ambassador and support network. Teaching English in a school in China, you’ll directly impact the lives of your students while honing your presentation and leadership skills.

On completion, you will have gained an exceptional insight in to this fascinating country, have enhanced your future employability, and built an excellent foundation on which to hone a rewarding career.

Your Profile

Working in China requires a specific type of resilience and adaptive mind set. You’ll need to have strong communication skills, good ideas, determination and some humour. We ask that applicants are able to combine a strong work ethic and self-discipline with warmth, empathy and a smile!

Applicants should be aged 21 by mid June 2017, and speak English to native level.

We do not specify a minimum degree classification, as we believe that your rounded skills as a whole are a more suitable indicator of your suitability for the programme.

Why Apply?

  • Enhance your employability; experience working in China is hugely in demand in the workplace. According to research conducted on behalf of the British Council, 79% of employers see global awareness as more important than a degree when recruiting new employees.
  • China is now the world’s largest economy, and the future for business; show future employers your commitment to understanding the global business environment and increase your cultural awareness.
  • Learn Mandarin, a language spoken by over 900 million people and an increasingly key business language.
  • There are 52 applications for every graduate job; demonstrate adaptability and initiative, giving your CV an edge.
  • For those considering a career in teaching or academia, excellent experience to support a PGCE or school integrated teacher training programme.
  • Find out about the transferable skills you can gain through our Teach China Graduate Programme, from James a graduate teacher that has taught in China.

Your Role

You will be responsible for delivering well planned and resourced English lessons to your students, which will often focus on oral English. Class sizes typically range between 4 – 12 students, and Chinese children are usually keen learners. You may also have the support of a Chinese Teaching Assistant.

Kindergarten and roles teaching children aged 5 to 15 are available, in cities including Chengdu, Kunming, Fuzhou, Foshan, Changsha, Nanning and Guiyang.

Application and Selection

To apply, please complete an online application form. You can find a simple overview of the application process here.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an in-person or Skype interview during the week beginning 10th April.

The Teach China Graduate Programme 2017 cohort will be announced late April.

If you have any questions during the application process, please email info@opportunity-china.com for an Information and Application Pack.

Rewards and Benefits

 Participants receive the following remuneration package:

  • A £900- £1150/ $1100-$1500 monthly salary (low tax)
  • Accommodation provided, or an accommodation allowance
  • International flight reimbursement
  • Typically, Mandarin lessons are provided
  • Around 2 weeks of annual leave, plus 11 days of public holidays off work

With key living expenses covered, such as accommodation, coupled with a very low cost of living, your salary will go a very long way -think long weekends in Thailand, eating out every day, visiting local attractions on your days off, and affording taxis!


Before departing, successful candidates will participate in a training programme delivered remotely and in-person. You will be encouraged to interact with others in the cohort, sharing your ideas and resources. You will also be allocated a programme mentor who you will be able to contact at any time for advice, typically a teacher with experience in China.

The 2017 cohort will be invited to a one day training event, delivered by a teacher with many years of experience working in China, an expert in the Chinese education system, a Mandarin teacher, and a Chinese business expert. Further details of all training will be provided to those selected for the programme.

Opportunity China’s friendly staff will always be on hand pre-departure to offer guidance on how to prepare, and how to submit a visa application.

On arrival all graduates will participate in a structured training programme delivered by the school, focusing on Chinese culture, teaching skills and Mandarin for the classroom.

Regular social events will be organised throughout the year, and our office will be on-hand for ongoing support.

I do not have any formal teaching experience – am I eligible?


Yes! Your interview will screen for competencies such as presentation, planning and communication skills, as well as your flexibility and ability to thrive within a different culture. Many graduates do not have formal teaching skills, but become strong teachers by adapting the skills accrued during their degree.

Can I apply with a friend?


Yes, we welcome applications from couples or friends – you may opt to teach at the same school and share an apartment, or be located close by.

Are there any additional expenses?


You will need to pay for your flight to China (approximately £600/$920) though this is reimbursed, for your work Z visa fee in the UK (approximately £150/$250) and a TEFL certification if you require one (approximately £120/$180). We also advise that all graduates purchase comprehensive travel and medical insurance.

Do I need to be able to speak any Mandarin?


No. Each school will have at least one English speaking liaison and some schools will provide Teaching Assistants which can speak English. However, we would encourage you to learn a few basics before departing for China, and do not forget to take a phrase book!

What are the living costs in China like?


Although prices in China are rising, and tend to be much higher in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, China is still exceptionally cheap and foreign teachers enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle. Many teachers enjoy traveling, restaurant meals, massages and nights out.

Here are some examples of what you would expect to pay for every day items: bowl of noodles – 5 RMB (50p), large beer – 5RMB (50p), 10 minute taxi ride – 10RMB (£1), 30 minute massage 40RMB (£4), cinema ticket -60RMB (£6), a tailor made suit – 500RMB (£50).

Do I need a visa to teach in China? If so how do I get one?


Yes you will need a work ‘Z’ visa for China, the application process and further information will be explained as part of your interview, with further guidance documents subsequently provided.

All China visa’s from the UK are now processed through the China Visa Service Centres in London, Edinburgh or Manchester:http://www.visaforchina.org.

Learn more about visas.

Will I have an opportunity to travel?


Yes, and we would encourage you to explore this beautiful country! Many of our teachers use weekends and public holidays to venture to other parts of China, as well as countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Domestic flights are inexpensive, trains are numerous, and high speed services connect large cities.

As a guide, you can expect to pay the following prices:

One night in a mid range hotel – 350RMB, train from Ningbo to Shanghai – 220RMB, flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong – 800RMB.

Learn more about Travel in China.

How many hours a week would I be expected to work per week in a full time teaching position?


Most contracts require 20-25 teaching hours, as well as some office hours. This will be stipulated in a contract.

What will my accommodation be like?


You will be provide with a teacher apartment located close to the school. The accommodation is likely to be much more basic than what you might be used to, but it will be clean and safe. Alternatively, you will be granted a monthly accommodation allowance, which will cover around 75% of the cost to rent a one bedroom apartment. Learn more about accommodation.

Is China a safe place to live?


The vast majority of locals are very welcoming and friendly towards foreigners in China, and the society in general is very safe due to its collectivist outlook. However, common sense and taking precautions should still be applied as you would in any foreign country. We would also strongly recommend that you arrange an appointment with your travel nurse before you travel to China.

Do I need Travel or Medical Insurance?


There are many insurance policies and companies to choose from and Opportunity China has partnered with one broker that specialises in long stay worldwide policies. To find out more please visit the travel insurance section of our website.

You should print out at least two copies of your policy, and keep one copy in your hand luggage. Ensure that you have noted the emergency contact number stated on the policy.

Find out more about the schools we work with:

Nanhai International Kindergarten

Nanhai International School

i2 International Institute of Education

EF Shenyang

Aihua English

York English

If you have any further questions please email info@opportunity-china.com.

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