Discover Kunming

Kunming, with a history of more than 2,400 years, is the capital of Yunnan Province, and it is known as ‘the City of Eternal Spring’ for its pleasant climate and flowers that bloom all year long. Today it is the provincial political, economical and cultural centre of Yunnan as well as the most popular tourist destination in southwest China.

Getting Around


Kunming has convenient transport links in and out of the city, which makes it easy to visit many other popular destinations. The city plays a significant role for connecting Southeast Asia and China, as it is southwest China’s transportation hub.

Also, there are more than 100 bus lines covering almost every area in Kunming, costing only 1 Yuan to take a public bus throughout the city.

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Going Out


Kunming night life is fairly lively with many bars and a few clubs. Many places have live music and are busy at weekends. The area around Kundu night market is particularly lively however nightspots are dotted all around the city

Food In Kunming


Kunming is renowned for its many delicious dishes. The city brings together the most representative food of the various nationalities residing in Yunnan, due to the multi-cultural nature of the province. Eating here is an experience not to be missed.

The famous food includes Steaming-Pot Chicken, Cross Bridge Rice Noodles, and Xuanwei Ham. The night market is the best place to sample and enjoy the local snacks.

Shopping In Kunming


Kunming offers many local products. The interaction of different cultures, regions and colourful lifestyles offers visitors so much to see and buy!

The local wood carvings and minority tie-dye products are highly recommended. Jinma Biji Square is considered the best place to go for your purchases.

Weather In Kunming


Kunming weather is like spring most of the year, not too cold in the winter, and not too hot during the summer. The annual temperature averages around 15 C, but there is usually a big difference of temperature between day and night from November till February.

Must Sees In Kunming


  • The Stone Forest- The Stone Forest scenic Region boasts numerous areas and spots, such as the Greater and Lesser Stone Forests, also known as the Lizijing Stone Forest. As you walk through the Forest, you will be amazed at the natural stone masterpieces and be bewitched by the complex stone formations that are in the shapes of columns, cones, pagodas, and mushrooms, as well as animals, plants, and even human figures.
  • Western Hills Forest Park- It is a forest park blending beautiful natural scenery, Taoist temples, and Grottoes. This mountain range looks like a “sleeping beauty” lying on the lake with her hair flowing on the water.
  • The Golden Temple- It is a famous Toaism Temple. The entire temple was built from bronze, which makes it glitter like gold in the shining sun. This is why people gave the temple its name.
  • The Yuanyang Rice Terraces- If you like to take amazing photos, you should not miss the Yuanyang Rice Terraces. The views of terraced rice fields will go beyond your expectations. The stunning scenery and unique culture of the Hani people is worth discovering.
  • The Black Dragon Pool- It is located 12 kilometres northeast of the city. It first became a popular tourist attraction over 700 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. The area contains many attractions alongside the main tourist draw, the Black Dragon Pool itself.


Cost of living in Kunming

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