Discover Wuxi

Wuxi rests on the Southern border of Jiangsu province, lying between Nanjing and Shanghai. With the Yangtze River at its head and Lake Taihu to the South.

Wuxi is home to some 4.32 million people, Wuxi is proud of it’s ancient history dating back 3,000 years, with a history that goes all the way back to the Shang Dynasty.

Wuxi is a popular city destination for tourists from around China, with its hills lakes and rivers creating a beautiful blend of history, culture and metropolitan modernity.

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Going out

Wuxi is home to a distinct Sweet and Savoury palate of food, and is famous for its soup dumplings and street food! .

Additionally, Wuxi is home to many popular expat destinations to eat and drink, these include the Blue Bar Cafe on Chongning Lu, the Havana Cafe Bar Lounge on Xianqian Jie and even the Red Lion Pub, where you can pick up traditional ales and craft beers!

Getting Around

Getting to from Wuxi is very easy.  Wuxi has 3 Train Stations and service High Speed G-Trains from Shanghai and Nanjing, with eacch journey taking around 45 minutes and costing approximately RMB60. Otherwise there are many other connecting trains, linking Wuxi with the rest of the country.

Wuxi is also home to Sunan Shoufang International Airport, which is reachable by the Wuxi Metro service.

Within the city, Wuxi is serviced by a 2 line Metro system, where fares start from RMB2. Well connected busses make the city easy to navigate and taxis start from RMB10.

Wuxi Highlights

Lake Taihu – One of China’s largest bodies of water. Famous for its natural beauty and forms the foot of the city

Garden of Ecstasy – Regarded as one of the most beautifully maintained public gardens in China

Grand Canal- Giant canal running over 1200 miles, connecting Beijing and Hangzhou

Wuxi Zoo – Popular Zoo, come theme park

The Grand Buddah – 80 metre tall Buddha statue, one of the largest to be found in China

Cost of living in Wuxi

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