Discover Nanjing

Nanjing is the capital city of China’s Jiangsu Province and lies just South of the Great Yangtze River.

Nanjing was China’s Capital City throughout much of the country’s Dynastic Time Periods, and acts as an intriguing destination to those interested in China’s rich history and culture.

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Going out

Nanjing is home to many hip spots, both during the day and at night. One is Nanjing 1912, a central area of the city based near the Presidential Hall and is named to commemorate the spiritual founder of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yet-sen,and the year of its inception, 1912. In this area is a blend of historical building as well as cafes, bars and nightclubs. Catering to a clientel from all backgrounds across all times.

Hunan Lu is the most popular area in the city for foodies! With an abundance of restaurants and street food.

Nanjing is home to a wide array of cinemas, nightclubs and restaurants.

Getting Around

Getting to from Nanjing is very easy.  As Jiangsu’s primary transport hub, Nanjing is host to Nanjing Lukou International Airport, the third largest Airport on China’s East Coast, as well as boasting one of the highest footfalls of all Airports in China.

Nanjing is also home 2 large Railway Stations; Nanjing South and Nanjing Railway Station. These 2 Stations act as hubs to China’s extensive high speed rail network and represents a cheaper and speedier alternative to getting around China than air travel.

Nanjing has an expansive inner-city transportation network, with buses taking residents across the city from RMB1-2 a trip.

Nanjing also has a growing Metro Service which encompasses the whole of the inner city and reaches the majority of the city’s suburban and industrial zones.

Nanjing Highlights

Sun Yatsen Mausoleum (Zhongshan Ling)- The Mausoleum and memorial to, Sun Yatsen, the founder of modern China and the forerunner to the Peoples Republic.

Xuanwu lake- Located at the very heart of the city is a enclave of blue peaceful paradise, offering and opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Presidential palace of Nanjing- Located in Nanjing 1912, the presidential palace was the seat of government in the Republic of China and now stands as a museum, encompassing much of modern Chinese History.

Cost of living in Nanjing

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