Remote Pre-Departure Training

A series of 4 interactive preparation and training webinars are hosted for all program participants, for both the February and September 2018 intake. The sessions are a great way to practically prepare for your time in China, as well as to consider cultural differences and cross-cultural communication.

The webinars will incorporate a recommended weekly reading list of blogs, articles, podcasts and video materials through both Opportunity China and external sources.

Below, the webinar series for the February 2018 intake is outlined.

Week 1: Starting your life China- 8th​ ​December 2017 at 0830GMT- Watch it Live

  • Pre-departure​ (what to buy, what to prepare, what to pack and what actions to take before your departure)
  • Arrival in China​ (what to expect upon immediately arriving in China)
  • A foreigner in China​ (introduction to expat culture in 1st and 2nd tier Chinese cities, what reactions you can expect to receive as a foreign in China)
  • Core cultural concepts in China ​(an overview of some of the most important cultural concepts to understand upon arrival in China)
  • Culture shock and homesickness (an explanation of the culture shock timeline and dos and don’ts of dealing with culture shock)

Week 2: Working Life as a Teacher in China- 29th December​ 2017 ​at​ ​0830​ ​GMT- Watch it Live

  • China’s different schools and education institutions ​(an introduction to types of schools and centres operating in China. Explore their origins and practical differences including operation, class sizes, working hours, ethos and teacher expectations)
  • Education in China ​(overview of the Chinese education system, history and culture)
  • The purpose of foreign teachers in China ​(overview of the different types of roles foreign teachers are required to fill and the most common expectations of foreign teachers in China)
  • Authority and etiquette in the workplace ​(an overview of the expectations and cultural differences that will affect day to day workplace etiquette and an introduction to appropriate behaviour towards figures of authority in the workplace)
  • Resolving issues at work ​(best practice for resolving grievances and workplace issues should they arise)

Week 3: Life Outside Work, Chinese Culture and Immersion- 5th January ​at​ ​0830​ ​GMT- Watch it live

  • Introduction to modern Chinese history and culture ​(a guide on what to expect and why to expect it during day-to-life in China. Important cultural dos and don’ts when in public and common faux-pas to try to avoid)
  • The beauty and diversity of China (an introduction to the diverse landscapes and cultures in China. A highlight on areas of cultural sensitivity to be careful about)
  • The Great Firewall and Social Media in China (​an introduction to internet restrictions, VPNs and domestic social media platforms in China, such as Wechat, Weibo and QQ)
  • Getting around in China ​(a review of the best ways to travel in China. The best apps to use and what differences to expect with Western public transport)
  • Food in China ​(a review of the different domestic cuisines available in China, prices to expect and the more familiar restaurants and fast food joints you can expect to find in China)
  • Nightlife in China ​(what to expect from both Chinese and expat nightlife styles in China. Tips on keeping safe and the best ways to network and make friends)

Week 4: Making the Most of your China Experience- 10th​ ​January 2018 at 0830 GMT- Watch Live

  • Overview of the skills you will gain (an introduction to the important transferable skills you can expect to gain through living and working in China)
  • Future options ​(a look at some of Opportunity China’s teaching alumni and what paths they have pursued following their time in China)
  • Selling your skills ​(how best to market the unique CV selling points you will be attaining throughout your experience living and working in China)
  • How to live and learn ​(top tips on what to do every day in China to build up your personal skillset and set you up for the future)

September 2018 Intake- Pre-Departure Training Day

A Pre-Departure Training session will be held in London early July, date TBCThe event will involve workshops, presentations and Q&A’s with education professionals, previous teachers in China and the Opportunity China Team.

You’ll join a range of group activities, seminars and workshops offering a crash course on everything from Chinese history and culture, through to an introduction to teaching in a Chinese classroom. You will also be able to network with others on the program, and hear from program alumni.

A few comments from Summer 2017 attendees:

     “It was a very useful day, particularly to network with others who’ll be living in the same city as me” – James

     “I was impressed with the enthusiasm and passion shown by all staff. I enjoyed learning a few phrases of Mandarin, and the visa session made things much clearer” – Sarah

     “Really good, informative and enjoyable day. It gave me a much better idea of what to expect in China, and some of the cultural challenges I might face – definite food for thought, and the basis of further research. Thank you!” – Emily

     “I really enjoyed it and had the chance to speak individually with staff to discuss my questions. An informative day.” – Michael

See last year’s schedule here.