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Immersion and Study in China Webinar

Date: Thursday 9th February

Time: 17:00 GMT

Overview: This 45 minute China webinar will explore the highlights of the Immersion and Study Program, the city of Chengdu, and the benefits of international work experience.

Key topics:

  • Is an immersion program for me?
  • Chengdu, what’s it like?
  • The language course
  • Typical host families
  • Application process
  • Benefits and finances
  • Q & A
  • Find out more about the programme here!

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Chengdu’s Panda Sanctuary
i2 International Institute

Watch the webinar for free here:

New Year, New Opportunities in China Webinar

Date: Tuesday 31st January / Time: 18:30 GMT

Overview: This 45 minute China webinar is for anyone and everyone considering teaching in China in 2017, and wanting to find out more! Following exploration of the topics, we’ll answer your questions via live web chat.:

Key Topics:

  • Opportunities in China: Teach in China, Teach China Graduate Program
  • China, is it for me?
  • The application process
  • Creating a great teaching CV/ resume
  • Acing an interview
  • Q & A

China teaching

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