Host Families

All host families are middle class, educated professionals – wishing to expose their child to new cultures and experiences, and often aspire for their child to study at an overseas university. The father may be a businessman, lawyer or doctor – the mother may be a professional, or a stay at home mum. At least one family member will speak English to a good standard, and often the child/ children will speak some English.

You will join in with family life, and be invited to travel with them during holidays or day trips.

Host Family Matching

We will work with you closely to ensure that you are matched with a suitable family. One of the best aspects of the role is the variety of responsibilities it offers, and flexibility to develop the role based on your own interests. We will work closely with you to match you with a host family based on shared interests and expectations.

You can choose the duration of your contract between 6 – 12 months, and even if you opt for a shorter duration some host families may allow you to extend your stay up to 12 months once you are in China and enjoying yourself!

A lovely profile of a host family in Guangzhou 

Please describe your living and housing condition:

It’s a 283 square metres villa with the beautiful garden and private swimming pool.

Please describe how your family usually spend your weekends?

Usually we will hang out, for example, horse-riding, skating, watching films and so on; and I will take the children to attend church on Sunday morning.

Dear our student,

Welcome to our big family. We have three cute kids and they are so happy to live with friends from other countries.

Guangzhou is a large city which has a long history and now is quite modern. You can have chances to visit all kinds of great interest here and learn some Chinese if you like.

You can also share your country’s culture with us. We have plenty of activities after class so you can enjoy us. I believe you will never feel homesick as our family is warm and kind.

Most of the time we eat Chinese food at home. You can tell us what kind of food you can’t eat and just feel at home. I hope we can spend a great time together.

Host Mum: Winnie

Host family China
host family home China


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