Published on:
July 12, 2017

by: Will Perrins

Am I Qualified to Teach in China?

A question many potential applicants will ask themselves (and Google!) when considering a role teaching in China. Also a question that isn’t made easier when browsing through conflicting search engine results and TEFL forum postings! Here are some of the most common asked questions and the cold hard facts about eligibility for teaching in China... [...]

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Published on:
May 23, 2017

by: Guest

New Video Resource Launch – the Work ‘Z’ Visa Process

Work 'Z' Visa Process

Further to briefings held in provincial visa offices across China this Spring, all schools now require that teachers notarize and authenticate documents such as their degree, TEFL/ TESOL certification and ‘No Criminal Record’ check. This useful video resource provides a step-by-step guide to the work ‘z’ visa application process, outlining the documents that teachers need […]

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