Published on:
October 13, 2015

by: Stephanie

6 reasons graduates choose to teach in China

Have you recently graduated? Congratulations on your last 3 or 4 years of hard work! After a summer of interning, volunteering or working, you may now be considering what next. Here we consider why teaching in China could be a great career move for you:

1. Travel while earning and boosting your career prospects

You’ve worked hard for a few years, possibly on a low student budget, and now feels like a good time to take a break from study to see some of the world before getting stuck in to your chosen career. Teaching in China will enable you to submerse yourself in a fascinating culture, make new friends, and earn a great salary – all while working in a job which will look great on your CV. China is also a convenient base from which to explore more of Asia, with teachers visiting exotic places in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia due to the availability of low cost flights and many Chinese public holidays off work!

2. International Work Experience in one of the world’s key economies

Your degree may have equipped you with the knowledge of your chosen field, however employment is where you can put your skills in to practise. Many teachers opt to assist their school with marketing, course design, or human resource matters – some become an Opportunity China Ambassador – further enhancing their skill set. First hand immersion in a new culture will broaden your mind, and encourage you to learn more about our global economy.

3. Stand out from the competition in the job market

Every year, more and more young people are going to university, and earning degrees.

Being able to talk about your experience teaching in another country during an interview will demonstrate your drive, flexibility and ability to challenge yourself in adapting to a new job in a different culture. Add to this the other skills you’ll gain – in communication, presentation and planning, to name but a few – experience overseas will make you shine to future employers.

4. Teaching – a rewarding career choice with excellent progression opportunities

Perhaps you’re considering a postgraduate teaching qualification in your home country? Or undertaking a PhD and pursuing a career in academia? Or becoming a trainer in a corporate setting? Helping others to learn is one of the most rewarding career choices there is, with worldwide opportunities and excellent career prospects for the ambitious.

5. Learn Mandarin – one of the world’s key business languages

Mandarin is a difficult language to master, however it’s one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. It’s accepted that the best way to learn a new language is via immersion, and mastering Mandarin could open up new opportunities in your future career, particularly if you aspire to working for an international company either at home or in China.

Many schools offer their teachers free Mandarin lessons, and if not will be able to help you arrange them very cheaply. You could also attend a language swap, where you teach some English in exchange for a local person teaching you Mandarin!

6. Save some money

Teaching in China provides a steady income and some good benefits. A typical graduate salary is £1000/ $1500 a month, with accommodation provided, an end of contract flight reimbursement and insurance. The cost of living is very low outside of Beijing and Shanghai, with delicious local food available for £2/ $3, low public transport costs and cheap utilities bills. Many teachers save half their salary each month while living a comfortable and sociable lifestyle – a chunk of cash that will come in useful on return to your home country, or further travels.

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