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May 11, 2017

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7 cool things about Shenzhen – An introduction

Shenzhen is a fascinating, culturally diverse metropolis of over 12 million people. It’s a city where 2 worlds collide, and one of the fastest growing in all of China. Here we explore just a few of the great things about living and working in Shenzhen with 7 cool things about Shenzhen…



You’ve probably heard of the city, but may not know where it’s located – which is in the most Southern part of Mainland China, bordering Hong Kong, and close by to the mega city of Guangzhou Shenzhen is widely seen as an embodiment of China’s economic growth and urban-centric progression, having developed from a small, impoverished fishing village with a population of 30 thousand into a megacity of over 12 million, hosting China’s burgeoning tech giants and second stock exchange. It has a hot and wet summer, mild winters, year-round sunshine and average temperature of 22 degrees!




Shenzhen’s food scene is reflective of both it’s cultural and historical location and rising international population, ranging from traditional Cantonese Dim Sum and Congee (think porridge that comes in a variety of flavours) to Western style restaurants owned and operated by expats, with food cooked in an authentic way for those in need of a little home comfort. ..

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7 cool things about Shenzhen


Nightlife and Leisure


Shenzhen is home to an eclectic mix expat friendly bars and clubs. From chilled out popular live music venues like Brown Sugar and hipster retreats like La Casa to large bustling clubs like Club Viva. Check out some of the top expat friendly bars and clubs in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is also home to multiple international sports clubs and centres. With expat bars, businesses and communities for forming open teams to play sports in Shenzhen’s local sporting leagues. Clubs include, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse and even Gaelic Football!

7 cool things about Shenzhen


Hong Kong


Travelling across the border to Hong Kong for a weekend is super easy, cheap, and can take as little as 40 minutes! Choose from cross border buses or taxis, a ferry from Shekou to HK Central, or the MTR via Luohu or Futian.

From Victoria Peak, to Disneyland, to Lantau Island, temples, shopping and the iconic harbour, Hong Kong is an epic city with so much to offer, and a city which teachers in Shenzhen frequently visit.

Remember to check when crossing the road, as the driving side switches from right to left when you the cross the mainland border.


China’s Tech Hub


Shenzhen is known as China’s Silicon Valley, and for good reason. Shenzhen is home China’s capital of hardware and home to domestic tech giants Tencent, Huawei  and dronemaker DJI. From holographic weddings to ping pong playing robots, Shenzhen is a city with so much to offer any technology enthusiasts.

Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen’s primary tech district is becoming famous as a destination to find almost any piece of hardware you could imagine among its sprawling marketplaces, earning it the moniker as the ‘Global Gadget Capital’.



Shenzhen is a shopping Mecca, and Luohu Commercial City is the mega mall you can only dream of with over 700 cheap and cheerful shops and stalls selling everything from clothes to electronics and household goods. Tailors are on hand to whip up suits while you have lunch! You’ll be approached by eager sales people around every corner, so it’s not an experience for the feint hearted, and it’s recommended that you keep your wits about you, but persevere and you will find amazing bargains.


Theme Parks


Shenzhen is home multiple resorts and theme parks. Among them are the maiden Happy Valley Theme Park, China’s domestic themepark chain rival to Disney, offering rides and attractions for all ages.

Shenzhen is also famous for its Windows of the World theme park, featuring a staggering 130 reproductions of the world’s most famous attractions. From The White House to the Pyramids, Windows of the World has it all in a staggering, impressive and occasionally bizarre fashion!

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