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January 10, 2017

by: Tom


Our guest blog this week is written by travel blogger Jess. Jess has visited many wonderful destinations around the world, however, here she tells her story of the adventures she had whilst visiting The Great Wall of China. You can read more about her travels on her blog here!

During a recent trip to Beijing me and my boyfriend, Josh, decided we simply had to visit The Great Wall of China. There are different points along the wall that you can visit easily from Beijing. After some research we decided to go to MutianyuWe decided on this location for 3 reasons:

  1. It is a lot less crowded than the popular Badaling location
  2. It is still only 40 miles away and easily accessible by public transport from Beijing
  3. There is a huge toboggan slide to get back down to the road!
Great Wall of Chiina

Jess & Josh at The Great Wall of China – Mutianyu

We went in December so it was really quiet there at that time of year. Sometimes we were the only people along one stretch of the wall. It was really nice to get away from huge crowds of tourists. Although it was a cold day you do a lot of walking and climbing stairs at so this warms you up.

Travels China

Jess & Josh

The Mutianyu section of the wall is 3.4 miles long and it was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557). Parts of the wall here have been restored but this also makes it easier to climb.

You can either hike to the top and down again or you have the option to take the cable car or you can take the toboggan slide down! Entry prices vary depending on what you chose to do but nothing is very expensive and I’d say its all worth the cost. We paid 100 Chinese Yuan (15 USD) to take the cable car up and the slide down.

Getting to Mutianyu from Beijing: We took public transport although for a much higher price you can find tour companies that will take you or hire a taxi for the round trip. If taking the bus you need to first get to Dongzhimen Bus Station, you can take bus line 916 Express or 916 to Huairou North Avenue (we took the express to save time). Once you get off at Huairou you can transfer bus line h23, h24, h35, or h36 to Mutianyu Roundabout. Or you can hire a taxi or minivan and share it with other travelers to save money.

Here are a few more of my favourite pictures: 

Great Wall of China
The Great Wall at Mutianyu
Great Wall of China
The Great Wall at Mutianyu
China travels
Best place to visit China
The Great Wall at Mutianyu
Best place to visit China
The Great Wall at Mutianyu


The slide down was really really fun! It doesn’t interfere with the wall itself as it is positioned off to the side – so you don’t feel like its spoiling the views of the wall or anything like that. I had never been on a toboggan before and I was really surprised by the amount of speed they can pick up! (You do have a break on your toboggan to slow yourself down if need be). The entire toboggan ride lasted about 5 minutes!


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