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January 14, 2016

by: Guest

How to improve your teaching in China

You have already read about Opportunity China’s unrivalled ambassador network that provides support and professional development to foreign teachers in China, but how is it really beneficial to you as a teacher?

Designed by experienced practitioners in the UK, taking ideas from PGCE and SCITT training in primary and secondary school settings.

The ambassador network is based on a common mentoring scheme for trainee teachers, PGCE students, and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT’s) in the UK, so has a real pedigree of professional support and communication within teaching behind it. The programme aims to be flexible to meet teachers needs, so those who prefer to work independently have a point of call just to vent after a tough week, or a contact to help moderate when doing an assessment, they have never taught before; and those who are very collaborative in the way they plan and teach have someone there to bounce ideas off of, and provide feedback on their lesson plans.

Ambassadors are not only experienced teachers, but experienced in Chinese culture

We are proud that our ambassadors, hand picked by Opportunity China, have a wealth of knowledge in how to teach in the Chinese classroom. Did you know for example, that commonly Chinese children are greeted behind their desks before they sit down and the lesson begins? Did you know that often misbehaviour in classrooms must be communicated to a class tutor, but how can this be done in Mandarin when there is no translator available? Part of Opportunity China’s preparation documents for teaching in China include common classroom customs and phrases for teachers to get to know, and specific advice on how to implement these things effectively in your school, is something that our ambassadors pride themselves in being able to advise on.

The scheme allows professional development for teachers furthering their career by spending time teaching in China

Whereas in the UK progression in teaching can be slow and often take time, we at Opportunity China believe if the attitude and willingness to develop as a teacher is there, there should be nothing holding our teachers back from progressing in their teaching. So, after just 9 months teaching experience in China, if you show the skills required you could be asked to join the network as an ambassador yourself and be paired with new teachers going out to China. This is valuable coaching and reflecting work that will enhance your CV showing you are able to take on management roles within education, and will further support any future job roles in education that you have aspirations for.

So what are you waiting for? The experience of a lifetime teaching in China awaits you, with the best support available from Opportunity China.


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