English Teacher, Helen Doron English Ningbo

Kindergarten in Ningbo
Salary: RMB10,000- 14,000 / Start Date: February, March, April 2016 / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time

Reference n: OC910

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Helen Doron, Ningbo (Jiandong District) seeks well educated, articulate English teachers to teach young students aged 2 to 8.

Successful candidates will teach for 20 hours per week, typically Wednesday to Sunday, in a modern environment with excellent resources. Full training will be provided on the curriculum used.

30 years ago Linguist and educator, Helen Doron revolutionized teaching English as a foreign language to young kids by developing a method that imitates the way in which babies learn their mother tongue.

Helen Doron English has more than 700 schools around the world, where about one million children from three months to 19 years have learnt English using the exclusive method developed by the pioneering linguist and educator, Helen Doron. The methodology is based on repetitive hearing and a fun-filled environment as the foundation for learning a second language, mimicking the way babies learn their mother tongue.

Four Principles of Helen Doron English:

Repeated hearing. A central component of Helen Doron English is background hearing the designated CD or audio tracks at home, optimally twice daily for 15-25 minutes each time. This provides the ongoing exposure to English that is so important at young ages. CDs with original songs and stories composed especially for Helen Doron English are part of the Student Learning Sets provided.

Positive reinforcement. With Helen Doron English, children learn in the same manner as they to their native language—with loads of positive reinforcement. Helen Doron teachers provide this positive encouragement in the classroom.

Small group learning. Helen Doron English courses are taught in small groups from 4-8 students. This permits the best of both worlds. On one hand, students enjoy the advantage of group interaction as opposed to private tutoring.

Make learning fun.The Helen Doron teaching method takes into account children’s unique learning styles and uses games, movement, music and lots of fun to maximize kids’ natural love of learning and tendency to absorb languages. Whether aged 3 months or 19 years, children and youth enjoy lessons which are highly structured, yet fun and dynamic at all times.

All Helen Doron English programmes—from Baby’s Best Start for infants to Teen English for teens up to 19 years—are developed in-house under the direction of Helen Doron herself. The development teams consist of experts in linguistics, EFL (English as a foreign language) and child development. All stories, songs, and animations are composed and produced especially for Helen Doron English to correspond with vocabulary appropriate to each specific course. Likewise, all activities and games are designed to provide students with a challenging, yet fun experience while facilitating vocabulary retention.

Teacher Remuneration:

  • RMB10,000 – 14,000 monthly salary, dependent on experience
  • Accommodation provided
  • End of contract flight reimbursement
  • 11 days public holiday plus 5 days annual leave

Candidate Requirements:

  • Age 21+
  • Undergraduate degree
  • TEFL/ TESOL certification
  • Native English passport holder

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