Teach for EF Ningbo

Private Language School in Ningbo
Salary: RMB8500- 12000 / Start Date: November 2017- March 2018 / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time, Wednesday- Sunday

  EF Ningbo   EF’s first school in Ningbo was established in 2001, and they now have 5 schools across the city, teaching 5000 students. EF offer all you’d expect in terms of modern teaching materials, digital resources, and multi-media capable classrooms with interactive whiteboards. EF Ningbo have a total of 74 teachers working across […]

English Teacher, Helen Doron English Ningbo

Kindergarten in Ningbo
Salary: RMB10,000- 14,000 / Start Date: February, March, April 2016 / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time

Teach English for Helen Doron, a global leader in early years English education.