Qualified Football/ Soccer Coach, Chengdu – February 2018 Start

International School in Chengdu
Salary: RMB12000 plus benefits / Start Date: February 2018 / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time, Wednesday- Sunday

Reference n: OC3024

i2 football

Two UEFA Qualified Coaches are required for a February 2018 start in Chengdu


i2 Football Course


The i2 mission is to teach children the basic skills and rules of football/ soccer with English teachers, to reinforce previous language skills and introduce new language skills. Our focus is primarily self-improvement, followed by friendly competition.

Within a class, a student will have the chance to experience leadership, sportsmanship, communication skills, team work, physical development through exercise, competition, discipline, encouragement, mutual respect, an English environment without the fear of passing or failing tests and most of all.. FUN!


Course features


  • UEFA U14 training system

Union Of European Football Association’ training system for children under 14 which is synchronous with the advanced soccer training system in the world;

  • Interaction in English on the pitch

English is spoken on the pitch including daily English and jargon.

  • Diversity of teaching

An interesting mix of games, interactive experience, tactical layout.

  • Improvement in overall abilities

Improving on stamina, rules, teamwork, sociability, and English from physical, mental and language.

  • Themed activities

Abroad study camps, Summer & winter camps, competitions exhibitions expert’s lectures.

Separation by age

Age conditions the way a person perceives and interacts with the world and with others. In any learning process, age is the key component in selecting appropriate content and methodology. Soccer is no different. For this reason 6 year old players are not trained in the same way as 13 years old players. Training sessions will be adapted to the age of the players. Taking into consideration the characteristics of human and player development, we have structured the curriculum into four age groups.

The first two age groups are:

  1. Initial stage-3-5 years old

At this age our training goal is to help children building exercise habit. Children learn rules through the practice. Regular practice can strengthen children’s muscle and promote health condition.

Initial stage – 6 to 8 years old

2.Basic stage – 9 to 12 years old


3.Intermediate stage – 13 and 14 years old



i2 teachers

Company Introduction


i² International Institute of Education opened its first formal campus in 2006 with the hope of offering students and teachers alike a unique environment for the pursuit of academic success.

Since its founding, i² has expanded to 21 campuses throughout Chengdu and 35 campuses outside of Chengdu, with more than 300 foreign teachers. i² provides quality education for thousands of students, and the i2 family grows larger every day.

Using a small class format – a maximum student number of 4, and a vast majority of classes having only 1 or 2 students – i² tailor-makes each course to their desired specifications. Teachers are free to add their own personal flavour to their courses to ensure each class is interesting, exciting and educational for the students.

Check out the facebook page to see what current teachers have recently been up to: https://www.facebook.com/i2education

Website: http://re.i2education.com


Role and Responsibilities


Teachers report to the Head Coach and are responsible for the following:

  • Delivering well planned lessons based on the school’s curriculum
  • Encourage children to practise spoken English
  • Provide appropriate feedback on oral and written work
  • Facilitate learning for students and build their confidence
  • Use a variety of materials and teaching techniques to enhance student learning, and engage student interest
  • Perform general administrative functions
  • Ensure that students are safe and monitored
  • Involvement in curriculum development
  • Attend and participate in staff department meetings, workshops, curriculum planning and special school events

Working hours: 5 days per week, 30 hours in total – 22 teaching hours, 8 office hours

Campuses: Chengdu, Guiyang


Remuneration package


  • RMB11500 – 12000 monthly salary, dependent on experience
  • RMB1800 monthly accommodation allowance, initial start up loan available
  • RMB6000 flight reimbursement, paid after 6 months of the contract
  • RMB9000 end of contract bonus
  • RMB1800 excess luggage allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • 11 days public holiday leave, plus 14 days of paid annual leave
  • Airport pick up
  • Work Z visa provided. Learn more about the visa application process.


Candidate requirements


  • Aged 22 or above
  • Undergraduate degree in any subject area
  • Native English passport holder
  • 2 years of football coaching experience, post degree graduation
  • Excellent communication skills, strong presentation abilities, an affinity for working with children
  • UEFA C Coaching Qualification


City Introduction – Chengdu


Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, is an old and famous city and one of the most interesting places in Western China.Rightly celebrated as a center of urban sophistication and entertainment, Chengdu attracts visitors from all over the country and abroad.

The Funan River bisects the city, although boat traffic, common until the 1960’s, has all but vanished. Home to an estimated 14 million people, and growing at an amazing rate, Chengdu has the reputation of an easy-going, ‘laid-back’ place, with an emphasis on culture and relaxation. Famed for its tea-rooms, where you can while a pleasant afternoon away, it also has a bustling nightlife. The range of cuisine is very spicy, phenomenal and you will discover as many new wonderful tastes as you try.

Chengdu, also known as the “Country of Heaven”, is surrounded by mountains in a large fertile plain that gives it its other name – “The Land of Abundance”. Home to the iconic Giant Panda Centre, and of course the headquarters of i², Chengdu is a vibrant and great city to visit, investigate and enjoy.

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