High School and AP Maths Teacher, International School Beijing

College in Beijing
Salary: RMB15000+ / Start Date: February 2018 / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time, Monday - Friday

Reference n: OC3000

LiMai International School seek a High School and AP Maths Teacher for their prestigious Beijing campus.

Foreign Language School

LiMai’s teachers receive a competitive monthly salary, apartment or accommodation allowance, local insurance, meals on campus, and flight reimbursement. Teachers enjoy  6 week Summer holiday, and work Monday to Friday.

This international school’s classrooms are equipped with modern multi-media facilities to encourage interactive learning, and a bi-lingual curriculum is taught. The successful candidate will work within a community of ex-pat teachers, many of whom have worked for the school for a number of years.

Structured training will be provided from arrival onwards, with a thorough introduction to the School’s curriculum, ethos and routine. 


  • A passion for nurturing and developing language skills in students of any age
  • Open-minded, flexible and patient, with the ability to work as part of a large foreign teacher team
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant discipline obtained in 2015 or before
  • 1-2 years relevant work experience and a minimum 120 hour TEFL Certificate
  • Native English speaker


  • To deliver interactive lessons based on the school’s curriculum
  • To encourage participation and nurture talent
  • To report to the Head Teacher and Head of Department regularly
  • To use multi-media facilities effectively in a classroom context
  • Evaluate your students’ progress and provide regular feedback

Salary Package:

  • RMB15000 monthly salary, negotiable based on experience
  • Accommodation provided or RMB2000 accommodation allowance
  • Insurance
  • Meals on campus
  • RMB9000 flight reimbursement

School Introduction: 

By bringing together Chinese and foreign education experts to develop an education system which combines the best of the eastern and western wisdom, the school aims with an international vision to create a platform for balanced growth of the students and to provide a learning environment characterized by happiness, inspiration, harmony and fun.

Located to the north of the North Fifth Ring Road with Asian Games Village to its south and Olympic Village to its west, in close proximity with the National Forest Park and Olympic Park, the school has the advantage of being well situated in a pleasant neighbourhood with easy access to transportation links.

This private school covers a building area of 70,000 square km , offers boarding and non-boarding options and provides twelve-year education from the age of 6 to 18 (License No.11010582000010, address: No.2,Yangshan Road ,Chaoyang District, Beijing).

It has two primary schools and one high school (with junior division and international senior division), the former has a capacity to accommodate 54 classes and the latter 48 classes.

The school has top level education resources: classrooms are equipped with multimedia facilities with electronic touch screens that integrate sound, form, colour and animation to cater for participatory learning through multiple senses; there are classrooms set up as computer, science, arts, music, calligraphy, physics ,chemistry and bio labs for the students to explore their potential and cultivate a wide range of interest; the library has a rich collection of 20,000 volumes both in Chinese and English.

The best efforts are made in good faith to ensure healthy, happy, harmonious and balanced growth of our students. Professional sports facilities including stadium, plastic sports ground, golf course , tennis court, basketball court, soccer field, tracks, sand pit and field for throwing sports are provided to “foster an interest in sports, cultivate sport hobbies, enhance sports skills and build physical fitness”.

The staff of the school share the belief in love, creativity and devotion to happy learning. They are focused on the psychological well-being of the students and do their utmost to help the students experience real, lively and active happiness in their growth to develop a feeling of “at peace with yourself and at peace with the world”. They teach to make sure every student can feel and create happiness and grow in the state of happiness.

The school pursues the highest level of efficiency, standard and quality. The curriculum is designed to make available the best of Chinese and western systems so that the students, in addition to completing the elementary subjects under Chinese system can cover those under the American system as well, including English ,math and science. The students are thus exposed to cross-cultural education and receive international education as do the students in London and New York.

Growing up in an environment properly balanced for both scholarly strictness and lively creativity, for education both in Chinese traditional and foreign cultural wisdom, the students will be given plenty of opportunities at this international education platform not only to develop independent and creative thinking, self-respect, a sound personality, but to demonstrate and celebrate every step of their progress as well. The school places emphasis upon the enhancement of integrated quality that is a key element in various aspects of our life: character, interpersonal relationships, intelligence, arts, aesthetic appreciation, physical fitness and spiritual attainment. Drawing upon the time-tested education practices of Chinese and foreign teachers and the best education resources, the school is a cradle for Chinese students that are talented, sympathetic, noble-hearted, happy-minded, persistent pursuers of their dreams.

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Address: No.2, Yangshan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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