IvyGate College Counselor or Essay Counselor

Business English in Beijing
Salary: RMB15000+ / Start Date: November 2017 / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time

Reference n: OC2057


IvyGate Company Overview


IvyGate is based in Beijing, and is an international education consulting firm which guides Chinese students to gain admission to competitive education programs in the US, including high school, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. The company follows a strict code of ethics while assisting students to build a solid foundation while preparing for their future academic and professional success.

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Working Environment

IvyGate’s offices are located in the business districts of several major Chinese cities (currently Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu). A corporate office environment is offered, but IvyGate encourage innovation and initiative as new projects are developed. The majority of the Chinese employees are fluent in English, and many have international experience.


American Planning Counselor Job Overview


This role primarily involves working with students to improve their backgrounds as they prepare to study abroad at colleges in the US. Counselors meet with students twice a month, in-person or by video conference, and counsel them on topics including holistic review, class selection, extracurriculars, summer programs, and more. Planners may also be required to prepare lectures for students and parents on important counseling topics, and where relevant may also act as mentors for student extracurricular projects such as competitions.

Who are IvyGate Looking For?

A graduate of a USNews top 30 university or a top 25 liberal arts college. There is some leeway regarding this requirement, depending on the applicant’s experience.

Preference will be given to applicants with a background in education, counseling, psychology or high-demand majors such as business or engineering. Previous experience in China is also preferred, as well as a willingness to work weekends when required. Chinese language skills are a bonus, but not a requirement.

Compensation: IvyGate offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Offers will be made in accordance with the applicant’s background and experience.


American Essay Counselor Job Overview


American Essay Counselors guide students as they prepare application essays and personal statements. Our Essay Counselors provide guidance in a way that is ethical; our company does not maintain “essay farms” where large quantities of applications are produced. Our Essay Counselors teach students about holistic review and what schools prefer to see in
application essays, guide students in understanding essay prompts, lead students in brainstorming sessions, review student essays and provide feedback for rewrites, and proofread for grammar mistakes and poor word usage. Essay Counselors may also prepare lectures and/or workshops on creative and academic writing.

Who are IvyGate Looking For? A graduate of a USNews top 40 university or a top 30 liberal arts college. There is a little flexibility dependent on experience.

Preference will be given to applicants with a background in education, counseling, psychology, English literature, creative writing, or journalism/editorial work. Previous experience in China is preferred, as well as a willingness to work weekends. Chinese language skills are also a plus but not a requirement.


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