Web English, Shanghai and East Coast China

Business English in Shanghai
Salary: RMB10,000-15,000 per month / Start Date: Ongoing / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time

Reference n: OC6021


School Introduction


Web English is one of China largest private education centres, and stands at the forefront of the language training industry. Web aims to empower it students, who are mainly aged 12+, to improve their confidence in an immersive English learning environment. Full orientation and training is provided upon arrival.


Web hire teachers for their modern learning centres across Shanghai, and East Coast cities. Teachers work for 40 hours per week, with 25 teaching hours, with small classes.


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Key Benefits


Salary Range: RMB10000- 15000, dependent on experience

Accommodation: RMB3000- 4000 allowance, depending on location of work. Close support to find an apartment with a bi-lingual staff member

Vacation: 11 days public holiday, 10

Flights: RMB8000 reimbursement

Insurance: Local medical and accident insurance

Other: RMB10000 start up loan to assist with initial accommodation rental costs, 4 nights hotel provided on arrival. RMB1000 monthly travel allowance




Education: Must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any subject area, and a 120 hour TEFL certification OR a reference letter evidencing 2 years of post-bachelor’s graduation teaching experience.

Senior Teacher roles are available to those with over 3 years of teaching experience.

Eligibility: All candidates should hold a passport from a native English-speaking country, as per z visa legislation.



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Role Overview


Web aim to empower students to achieve communicative excellence in English, helping them function effectively in a globalized world.

Most students have better reading and writing skills than their listening and speaking. They are often especially lacking confidence and fluency, so foreign teachers create a learning environment which is as positive and supportive as possible.

Web aim to create the closest thing possible to an English immersion environment, so they don’t allow Chinese to be spoken in the classroom.

The working week is 40 hours, which includes teaching 25 teaching hours Wednesday to Sunday. Classes are mostly small in size and have teaching materials prepared for teachers. Office duties are minimal; time is not spent correcting tests, homework or doing much lesson planning in the office.

All Private (4 students) and Salon (10 students) Classes have lesson plans already made for them, aiding teacher preparation– teachers have to review the lesson plan before class and review vocabulary or grammar structures they are not familiar with.

Preparation for a Social Club involves creating your own lesson plans and materials, often on a topic of your choice.


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