Teach English in Shenzhen, with York English

Private Language School in Shenzhen
Salary: RMB10000+ / Start Date: November 2017 - March 2018 / Student Age: / Type of Job: Full time, Wednesday- Sunday

Reference n: OC3014

School Introduction


York English was started in 2003 with the aim of doing ESL differently than other schools in China. Here at York, the quality of the education matters. The school aims to provide students with creative, engaging, and educational lessons that will allow them to develop their language skills.

Their commitment to education is translated into the high-level of support that’s provide for teachers and staff. From a supportive community that welcomes new teachers, to comprehensive initial training and on-going professional development, York ensures our teachers have the resources, training, and support to succeed in the classroom.

York English began in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province, and has recently expanded to Shenzhen.


Your Role


The goal of the York English classroom is to make our students feel good about themselves and about learning. A large part of the Chinese education system and the classroom environment is based around points, scores and numbers. From a very young age, students are trained to strive for full marks in everything they do and often feel terrible when they don’t achieve it.

York English is independent of this approach, and place great emphasis on learner-centered teaching; teaching that makes the learners’ needs and experiences central to the educational process. And it’s these needs and experiences that drive our lessons.

You will be teaching students aged between 4 and 16, and each level has its own curriculum. Teachers work Wednesday to Sunday, enjoying Monday and Tuesday off work.


The York English Teacher Experience


York English nurture and develop a teacher’s skills, career and ambition. The school fosters a highly motivated environment where teachers have opportunities to develop, and aim to create an open, honest culture of feedback for everyone so that you really can grow as a teacher, and we can really grow as a progressive organisation.

You will be supported pre-departure throughout the visa application process.


Personal Development and Teaching Assistant


To continue to uphold an excellent standard of teaching, and to ensure all teachers are supported, York English provide structured lesson observations.  In addition, all teachers have a quarterly review, training workshops, training days, and access to external courses.


Each class has a designated Chinese Teaching Assistant (or TA). The TA’s role is to support your teaching by modeling activities, working with breakout groups and individual students, behaviour management and occasionally translating, although we do aim to foster a 100% English environment. They are also an essential link to your students’ parents, keeping them informed of their child’s progress and assist with communication between yourself and the parents. It can be a partnership that leads to strong friendships!


Salary Package


  • RMB9500- 11500, dependent on experience
  • RMB8000 end of contract bonus
  • Paid public holidays and 2 weeks vacation
  • Modern furnished apartment located close to the school
  • Contribution towards document authentication costs

Candidate Requirements


  • 2 years of classroom teaching experience
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • TEFL/ TESOL certification
  • Native English passport, for work ‘z’ visa purposes
  • An engaging, dynamic personality, and genuine care for the learning and progression of your students
  • Adaptable, flexible and dedicated personality


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