• 4-part series podcast by the BBC: This documentary series examines the political, economic and cultural mechanisms of China’s growing global influence. Michael Robinson, who documented China’s awakening for the BBC almost 20 years ago, returns to assess the prospects and problems of the unrelenting shift of power from West to East. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/documentaries
  • For any budding entrepreneurs or those interested in business, take a look at Jack Perkowskis’ blog:  http://managingthedragon.com/.  Jack Perkowski is author of Managing the Dragon: How I’m Building A Billion Dollar Company In China. Well before others recognized the significant role that China would play in the global economy, Jack spent three years investigating opportunities in Asia and China, leading to the founding in 1994 of ASIMCO Technologies, a major industrial enterprise, which he built and ran for fifteen years.
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