Published on:
January 3, 2016

by: Tom

New Year, New Opportunity

A new year and what better time to consider new opportunities and change?

Here at Opportunity China we work with schools, universities and education establishments across China and we are currently recruiting teachers, lectures and university graduates for start dates throughout 2016.

· The economic growth in China is HUGE.

· The need for native English teachers and educators is immense.

· The remuneration package affords an excellent standard of living, with the ability to travel in Asia while earning a great salary.

· The opportunity is available to you now!

‘I am not a qualified teacher, can I still apply?’

Yes! We have a range of opportunities, some open to those without any teaching experience and no knowledge of Chinese. However, if you have teaching experience and relevant qualifications, fantastic, you’ll be able to secure a higher paid position.

Why China?

You’ll have had your head buried in the sand not to realise the growth and rise of China. It’s the second largest economy in the world and working its way towards becoming the largest.  Not only this, but the appetite for learning English and learning from other cultures, particularly the West, really is huge. That’s teachers earn a good salary and can have a good life in China.

This all sounds great, in fact it sounds too good to be true!

We are passionate about providing once in a life time opportunities, as confirmed by the fantastic experience of so many of our teachers. You can read about their experiences here.

However, we suggest that you only apply if you want to experience a completely new culture that will fascinate and challenge you at the same time.

Opportunity China believes in preparing you for a new position and a new life. If you are successful further to our initial skype/ telephone interview we will match you with job opportunities suited to you. If there’s a position you wish to progress with we’ll then link you up with others already working for that school so that you can hear about what the day to day is like.

Interested? Want to find our more?

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