Published on:
June 23, 2017

by: Will Perrins

Preparing for China – are you ready?

It’s that time of year again where thousands of teachers are preparing to embark on a life-changing experience in China! It’s also that time of year where we at Opportunity China find ourselves inundated with a huge amount of China related questions!

There’s the document legalization process to go through, the work ‘z’ visa application to understand, and many practical matters to attend to – all of which are simple, but only when you know how! There is also the small matter of equipping yourself with cultural knowledge, an understanding of the Chinese education system and what exactly is expected of a teacher in China!

This year we’ve put together an informative webinar series to cover these questions and more! Check out the summaries below to find out what we cover at each of the webinars.

Webinar One: Starting your life in China

Pre-departure (what to buy, what to
prepare, what to pack and what
actions to take before your departure)

Arrival in China (what to expect upon
immediately arriving in China)

A foreigner in China (introduction to
expat culture in 1st and 2nd tier
Chinese cities, what reactions you can
expect to receive as a foreign in

Core cultural concepts in China (an
overview of some of the most
important cultural concepts to
understand upon arrival in China)

Culture shock and homesickness
(an explanation of the culture shock
timeline and dos and don’ts of dealing
with culture shock)

Webinar Two: Working Life as a Teacher in China

China’s different schools and
education institutions (an
introduction to types of schools and
centres operating in China. Explore
their origins and practical differences
including operation, class sizes,
working hours, ethos and teacher

Education in China (overview of the
Chinese education system, history
and culture)

The purpose of foreign teachers in
China (overview of the different types
of roles foreign teachers are required
to fill and the most common
expectations of foreign teachers in

Authority and etiquette in the
workplace (an overview of the
expectations and cultural differences
that will affect day to day workplace
etiquette and an introduction to
appropriate behaviour towards figures
of authority in the workplace)

Resolving issues at work (best
practice for resolving grievances and
workplace issues should they arise)

Webinar Three: Life Outside Work, Chinese Culture and Immersion

Introduction to modern Chinese
history and culture (a guide on what
to expect and why to expect it during
day-to-life in China. Important cultural
dos and don’ts when in public and
common faux-pas to try to avoid)

The beauty and diversity of China
(an introduction to the diverse
landscapes and cultures in China. A
highlight on areas of cultural
sensitivity to be careful about)

The Great Firewall and Social
Media in China ( an introduction to
internet restrictions, VPNs and
domestic social media platforms in
China, such as Wechat, Weibo and

Getting around in China (a review of
the best ways to to travel in China.
The best apps to use and what
differences to expect with Western
public transport)

Food in China (a review of the
different domestic cuisines available
in China, prices to expect and the
more familiar restaurants and fast
food joints you can expect to find in

Nightlife in China (what to expect
from both Chinese and expat nightlife
styles in China. Tips on keeping safe
and the best ways to network and
make friends)

Webinar Four: Making the most of your China experience

– Overview of the skills you will gain
(an introduction to the important
transferable skills you can expect to
gain through living and working in

Future options (a look at some of
Opportunity China’s teaching alumni
and what paths they have pursued
following their time in China)

Selling your skills (how best to
market the unique CV selling points
you will be attaining throughout your
experience living and working in

How to live and learn (top tips on
what to do every day in China to build
up your personal skillset and set you
up for the future)

Our fourth and final webinar will be published shortly, and will focus on Making the Most of your China Experience.

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