Published on:
April 23, 2020

by: Tom

Teacher Guest Post: My Coronavirus Diary 3

My name is Tim and I am an English teacher in Southern China. I moved here in May of 2019 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far. I have written a diary of these past month, as China and the rest of the world have deal with the COVID – 19, or Coronavirus, and how it has affected me…

April 2020


Things continue to progress back to normality here in China. People are back on the streets in their droves, I had forgotten how many e-bikes there were in Fuzhou!

As cases diminish there are less and less masks being worn as well. We no longer have to have our temperature checked when we go into the shopping malls and the metro is open for business again. I also believe that all the restaurants and bars are now fully open.

Unfortunately my gym is not open so it’s a struggle to stay active during the quarantine. Luckily the parks and mountains are open again for some nature walks. In a similar vein cinemas and KTV are not open again as safety restrictions are dependent on type of businesses.

Another annoyance is that travelling throughout China and abroad is difficult as they seek to ensure cases of the virus continue on their downward trend. This was a key part of my reason to travel here so it is a little frustrating but understandable given the circumstances. On the plus side, it has allowed me to save money I would have otherwise spent!

Children are going back to public school depending on what grade they are in and the significance of the exams they will be taking. Once the rest of the school-children are back in regular school and the timetable is arranged, the government will allow language schools like mine back into business.

I’m looking forward to being back and seeing my students in the flesh!

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