Published on:
October 6, 2015

by: Stephanie

Travel and Teach with your friends and colleagues!

Sometimes a great experience shared can double the power of the experience! Opportunity China has just launched a new referral scheme where you can earn, for the people that you refer to us, and then come out to teach in China with you!

So do you know any of your friends in education that feel they can make a real difference in other corners of the world? Do any of your old University colleagues fancy a change in their career from the normal 9-5? Do you know some globe trotters that enjoy travelling but have yet to really experience cultural immersion and feel the beating heart of the country at its dynamic education industry? These are all the types of people that we want to hear about, and with your permission, you can use our referral scheme to put them in touch with us, and earn an increasing commission for the more people you refer.

Could you be Opportunity China’s top referee?

We have the perfect job for you in China, and we are confident we will have the perfect jobs for your friends and colleagues.


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