Published on:
February 3, 2017

by: Tom

Why use an agency to find a teaching job abroad?

This week’s post comes in response to the frequently asked question, ‘What are the benefits of using an agency to find a teaching job abroad?’

1. Ease

Applying for a job on your own means you must contact each school or learning centre individually, wait for a response, and go through an interview process with each school. Many schools employ HR staff for whom English is their second language, which can make interviews and explaining the application and visa process a little less smooth.

Many public schools do not have the infrastructure or resources to source their own foreign teachers, and thus have to use an agency.

Using an agency to find a teaching job abroad means submitting one application, and letting us do the leg work!

2. We’ll match you with your dream role

During our telephone/Skype interview your Coordinator will discuss with you at length the sort of role in China you are ideally seeking; for example, preferred location, age of student, type of institution, salary requirements, etc. We’ll also assess whether aspects such as extensive training and career progression are important for you.

teaching job abroad

Our Team have extensive knowledge of our partner schools, many of whom we’ve worked with for many years, and are thus able to match candidates with roles which we believe meet their requirements.

Our Coordinators genuinely care about ensuring you find a role which meets your needs – if a teacher is happy in their role then our excellent reputation is maintained!

3. Quality Assurance

Not all schools and language centres are created equally, and unfortunately scams do exist. In some instances it may be the case that institutions may charge you for your visa, hold your passport, fail to follow the terms of your contract, or fail to pay you altogether. A less extreme version of this might be that a school just does not have the resources to fully support their foreign teachers.

Opportunity China ensure that every school that we work with is reputable, reliable, can adequately manage and support foreign teachers, and provides a suitable work environment.

teaching job abroad

4. Due Diligence

We scrutinise our partner schools very carefully through our due diligence process. Each has to provide thorough information on their support and training structures, and is subjected to an interview and application process. We contact current and former teachers who have worked there to give references, and in many cases we conduct in person inspections in China.

5. Expertise

When using a recruitment agency, you benefit from a professional infrastructure and an experienced team of China experts. We take pride in delivering a professional service, and have knowledge on all areas of operation, from the visa and application process, to settling in to life in China.

Our team have an extensive breadth of knowledge and first-hand experience and include former Head Teachers, those who have taught in China, experienced Chinese education professionals, Chinese and Western HR experts, and experts in cross-cultural relations with China.

We’re proud to be a part of the British Council’s Generation UK Network, and are actively involved with Confucius Institutes around the world. Our sister company, Opportunity Education, is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

Learn more about our team here!

6. Support

All of our team are friendly, supportive and approachable – with no question ever too big or too small.

We understand that moving to work on the other side of the world is a big step, and involves a lot of thought and planning, which is why we’re here with advice and guidance right from the day you apply, to the day you return to your home country, and beyond.

Yes, you will legally employed by a school in China, but our team are always on hand to offer advice or liaise directly with your employer should any small issues arise.


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