Teaching in China is an incredibly rewarding experience, offering the opportunity to make lifelong memories and friends, while discovering more about the world’s most exciting and dynamic country. From students and graduates new to the world of teaching, to veteran educators at home and abroad, through our wide-array of opportunities and dedicated Coordinators we ensure a China experience befitting of every applicant.

Opportunity China work only with schools and education organisations that meet our high standards, most which we have now partnered with for many years. Check out our Job Board for the latest exciting opportunities in schools across China.

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“I love living and teaching in China, the differences in culture, food and language has been fascinating, and I have found teaching to be incredibly rewarding”

Why China?

There are many reasons you might consider spending time working and living in China, including the rich and ancient culture, the truly diverse cuisine, learning the language, or to gain experience in one of the most important economies in the world. 

What’s undoubtedly true is that China today is a vast world of opportunity.

Why Teach?

There are an endless number of factors why you might consider teaching in China – perhaps you have years of experience as a qualified teacher, or perhaps you are entirely new to the profession and have just obtained your TEFL certification. Here we suggest that there are 4 key reasons why you may consider teaching in China…

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There are several things you need to know when considering teaching in China:

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