Welcome to York English, Fuzhou!


York English has grown to become the largest all-foreign teacher language school in Fuzhou with six branches, 75 native English-speaking teachers, and over 4,000 students. Each of the schools was carefully designed in order to better the quality of education we provide for the students. The classrooms are designed to be flexible, allowing for a multitude of different activities to be used in class. Each classroom is equipped with two whiteboards as well as a TV with USB and in some cases electronic whiteboards. Outside the classroom each school has a fully-stocked library where students can borrow English books and educational DVD’s to allow them to bring English into their home environment.

In addition to York’s Flagship locations in Fuzhou, York have recently opened additional centres in Shenzhen and Xiamen, offering a broader range locations for those seeking to work with the school.

Classes and schools


Kindergarten classes have a maximum of 12 students, while Junior and Senior classes have 16 students per class. York also provides teaching assistants for all Kindergarten classes and all beginner level classes.

Each group has a specific text series that accompanies it, and a detailed curriculum for the teachers to follow. With that said, the teachers still have the freedom to experiment and bring their own creativity into the classroom. The curriculum is there to guide the general direction of study in the classroom with the teacher deciding on which activities are best suited to the material and the group they are teaching. York strives to provide the best resources possible for the teachers and so you will find the teachers’ office stocked with posters, puppets, flashcards, DVDs and an array of our props to inspire new ideas.

At the moment the school employs over 75 foreign teachers from native-English speaking countries around the world. Though our teachers all come from different educational and professional backgrounds, they are brought together by the same passion for teaching and helping their students reach their full potential.

At York the students are divided into three groups.

  • Kindergarten (Aged 4 – 6)
  • Juniors (Aged 7 – 11)
  • Seniors (Aged 12 – 16)

York English first classes

Training and Orientation


When teachers first arrive, it is understood that this is a transition period. It is difficult enough to change cities or change jobs, and the whole experience is intensified by the fact that you are now living in China. With this in mind York has created an initial orientation and training program to help ease teachers into their new lives.

Teacher community in China

Teacher Community


York teachers experience a strong sense of community and belonging. From your first welcome meal with all of teachers to your farewell dinner when you finally decide to move on, York does all it can to welcome teachers. Staff regularly socialise together, celebrate holidays, travel and support each other.

Remuneration package


  • RMB 8000 – 11,000 monthly salary, dependent on experience
  • Apartment provided, or RMB1500 allowance
  • RMB 8000 flight reimbursement
  • Over 5 weeks of paid holidays including 10 days personal leave
  • Airport pick up
  • Work Z visa provided
Teaching in China

Typical teaching at York English



York English either provide accommodation or will give you an allowance with your wage. Below are a few images of typical apartments provided by York English, all of which are modern and located in nice communities close-by to your school.

York Teacher Experience

Discover Fuzhou


Most people haven’t heard of Fuzhou, but why would you? After all it’s only a city of some 6 million people! Fuzhou is a ‘small’ Chinese city, and capital of Fujian province.   It’s a fascinating, sometimes crazy, mix of old and new.

Check out their facebook page here – York English Facebook.