Located at the south- east coast of China, Xiamen is a tourist city within the Fujian province, famous for its attractive sea side, and often voted the prettiest city in the country. It’s built on an island almost opposite Taiwan, and with origins dating back 5,000 years, trade has been vital to Xiamen and the city has grown on the commerce from merchants, both Chinese and European, who used Xiamen as a Gateway to China.

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With its historical buildings, temples, great parks and a charming waterfront district, you can understand why Xiamen, also known as Amoy, is a popular holiday destination and is buzzing with university students.

A highlight of Xiàmén is the tiny colonial island of Gǔlàng Yǔ, where seaside gardens and beautiful colonial villas ooze with charm. Mount WuyiSouth Putuo Temple, and Taining Danxia Landform are the other attractions in Xiamen, with their picturesque landscapes and a unique culture.

Summer temperatures reach 28 degrees, and winter temperatures can dip to around 2 degrees, so a very pleasant climate and perfect to enjoy the lovely beaches!

Cost of living in Xiamen


Meal at Chinese Restaurant15.001.752.18
Meal at Higher End or Western Restaurant50.005.909.75
Draught Beer (0.5 Litre)6.500.760.94
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 Litre Bottle)3.500.410.51
Water (0.33 Litre Bottle)2.500.290.36
Regular Milk (1 Litre)10.671.241.55
Loaf of Fresh White Bread13.001.521.89
White Rice (1kg)6.000.700.87
Skinless Chicken Breast (1kg)40.004.675.81
One Way Public Transport Ticket1.000.130.20
Monthly Pass (Unlimited Trips)100.0011.8214.97
Taxi Start10.001.171.45
Taxi After 1km2.000.230.29
Taxi 1 Hour Inner City Journey50.005.847.26
Monthly Utility Bills356.8241.6451.83
Cinema Ticket (Western Release)55.556.427.99
1 Bedroom Apartment Monthly Rent (City Centre)2,625.00306.34381.29
3 Bedroom Apartment Monthly Rent (City Centre)4,700.00548.50682.69

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