Welcome to China

Home to a wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities and facilities, enabled by its growing Middle-Class, China truly has something for everyone.

Bare in mind that larger cities will have a larger and more eclectic range of entertainment options than small towns. But with over 160 cities in China with a population in excess of 1 million you’ll never be too far from the action!

Below are just a few of the entertainment options accessible across China!

Huge Chinese Restaurant Feasts


With a wide range of regional delicacies, a lively dining culture all at an easily affordable price, you’ll have the opportunity to order lots of dishes and enjoy a long leisurely meal in great company most nights!

KTV with friends


A common staple of a  great night out in China! Karaoke takes centre stage in a private rented room shared with friends and colleagues!

Join a local sports team


Basketball, football, table tennis, running, rugby and much more! Most cities have local teams and expat team you can join and work towards something really constructive on your weekends!

Check out the video below of Mathew’s day off playing rugby in Foshan!

Massages and Spas


A great way to relax and relieve the stresses of a long day! You would be surprised at just how cheap an amazing massage or soothing spa treatment in China can be!

Bungee Jumping


China’s highest jump is in Fuzhou and the world’s highest jump is in Macao… making China a vertigo thrill seekers dream!

Study Chinese


The world’s most spoken first language– why not arrange a language swap with one of your new Chinese friends or colleagues? Language lessons can be arranged very cheaply with a local teacher and many schools now offer Chinese lessons as part of their compensation package.




The world’s fastest growing film market. With a record number of cinemas opening across China’s expanding urban landscape, there’s the opportunity to view both Western and Chinese films in style and on demand.