Discover Shenzhen


Shenzhen is situated in southeastern China and is known for its fantastic shopping. The city also features some of the worlds most modern buildings. Shenzhen is one of China’s wealthiest cities and is very popular with visitors as it’s a short distance from Hong Kong.

Public School Salary Package 


Shenzhen is a lively, dynamic city, renowned for it’s cleaner air and green spaces. As a teacher working for a public school in Shenzhen, you’ll be teaching for no more than 18 hours per week from Monday to Friday, and can expect the following salary package:

  • RMB11000- 13000 monthly salary
  • RMB3000 accommodation allowance, or shared apartment for recent graduates
  • RMB6000 flight reimbursement, paid after one month of employment
  • Free meals while on campus
  • Local medical insurance
  • 11 days of public holiday, plus 4 week Spring holiday and Summer holiday

Shenzhen Food and Restaurants

Shenzhen is home to an abundance of different cuisines and eateries. Expect to find foods from all around China. In terms of restaurants,there are many Asian restaurants and Western-style restaurants. A big advantage to eating out in Shenzhen is the price, it is cheaper than eating out in Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Shopping

Shenzhen is the next shopping opportunity next to Hong Kong.

Some places to shop include, Luoho Commercial City, Galaxy Cocopark and Coastal City Shopping Centre. Its important to note that some prefer to shop in Hong Kong as it provides more luxury shopping items and is close enough for a day trip.


Shenzhen’s Theme Parks

Shenzhen is also known for its theme parks, some say they are not at the same level as Hong Kong’s, but they are certainly worth a visit. The theme parks are situated north of Shenzhen Bay and are easily accessible via the metro.

  • Window of the World features miniature replicas of well known landmarks. You can expect to see over 130 replicas of some of the most famous places in the world.
  • Folk Culture Village was rated number 5 on TripAdvisor so worth noting. Entertainments features Chinese dancers, artists and musicians.
  • One for this kids – Happy Valley, fun was the children but with a slight educational theme.


Shenzhen is reasonably mild with a mix of rain and sun. An advantage is Shenzhen’s air quality, it is considered to one of the best in China’s big cities.

7 cool things about Shenzhen

Places to visit in Shenzhen

Shenzhen has some scenic city parks. It is also known for its striking mountains and hills and not forgetting great beaches.

  • Wutong Mountain – it is the second tallest mountain in the Pearl River Delta after Hong Kong’s Tai Mo Shan.
  • Nanshan Park – Nanshan Park is a beautiful place to go hiking and on clear days has fantastic views.
  • Shenzhen Bay Park – A very interesting seaside urban park, ideal place for exercise or unwinding with friends.
  • OCT Bay – OCT Bay has something for everyone, it is a large retail and entertainment park in Shenzhen. It features a manmade lake and canals, hotels, restaurants and a shopping mall.